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  Course Catalog Offerings
  THR-101  Introduction to the Theatre
  THR-102  Stagecraft I
  THR-103  Stagecraft II
  THR-104  Acting I
  THR-105  Acting II
  THR-106  Fundamentals of Theatre Design
  THR-110  Acting for Television and Film
  THR-111  History of Theatre and Drama I
  THR-112  History of Theatre and Drama II
  THR-118  Dance Through the Ages
  THR-119  Dance I
  THR-120  Dance II
  THR-121  Choreography I
  THR-122  Choreography II
  THR-198  Theatre Practicum
  THR-199  Theatre Practicum
  THR-205  Directing
  THR-206  Acting Styles
  THR-209  Dramatic Literature I - Realism
  THR-210  Dramatic Literature II - Non-Realism
  THR-214  Modern Dramatic Literature
  THR-233  Movement for Actors
  THR-275  Independent Study in Theatre I
  THR-276  Independent Study in Theatre II
  THR-297  Special Topics in Theatre
  THR-298  Theatre Practicum
  THR-299  Theatre Practicum