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Fall 2014 New Student Orientation
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Thursday, August 28, 2014
Workshop Sign-Up Sheet


Information workshops that will be offered to all new students during orientation are listed below. To ensure a slot in the workshop of your choice, pre-register here and your registration packet will be awaiting you on August 28th.

Register by either:           

  •  completing and submitting the information below
  •  by printing a copy and either dropping it off or mailing it to:    

Office of Student Life
 Berkshire Community College
 1350 West Street, Rm. F-114
    Pittsfield, MA 01201


1.            Financial Aid:  We'll Show You the Money!  (Room- Hawthorne 219):  Our goal is to overcome the economic barriers to attending BCC.  This workshop is designed to help you navigate the financial aid process: Learn how and when to apply for "free" grant money, a work-study job, or a low-interest student loan.  Let us take the "Huh!?"out of financial aid for you.   Presenter:  Chris Weingartner

2.            Strength Based Learning Styles  (Room - Melville 201):  Understanding your own learning style can be the key to success.  Identify how you learn best and discover new ways to be successful in the classroom.  Presenter:  Pam Farron

3.            Making the Most of Your Freshman Year  (K-111 Theatre):  There's a world of difference between success in high school and success in college!  A crash course on the language and culture of college with strategies that can help you become a successful BCC student.  Learn how and where to access resources that can help you meet your goals.  Presenter:  Peg Cookson

4.            Success Skills for Non-Traditional Students (Room - Hawthorne 112):  If you are age 23 or older or a parent, this workshop is for you.  Learn information and strategies that will address your specific needs and help you succeed at BCC.  Presenter:  Sheriann Stanton

5.            Traveling Hopefully: Transfer Options  (Room - Hawthorne 115): Find out about joint admissions, transfer compact, articulation agreements and more.  Learn about life after BCC and the options available to you.  Presenter:  Geoff Tabor

6.           The Art of Stage Combat (Boland Theatre K-110): Learn to take a punch and throw a slap in style. Come ready to move! This workshop will cover the basics of safe effective stage combat. We ask that you bring a smile and a willingness to play, and we guarantee you will leave with a few new friends.  Presenter:  Kevin McGerigle

7.            Mind AND Body:  A Collegiate Guide to Fitness  (Room - Hawthorne 111):  The benefits of regular exercise are well documented but many people fail to achieve them.  Learn how to develop a thinking person's approach to fitness, discover that you do have the time, that it does not have to be complicated and start feeling better today.  Presenter:  Eric Nystrom

8.            Discovering Your Unique Career Path  (Room - Hawthorne  207):  Career counseling and related services are available to you, from your first month here to your graduation, and even beyond.  In this session, learn how we will help you with work and career decision making.  Presenter:  Judith Monachina

9.       DE- STRESS:  Balancing School, Work and Life (Room - Melville 214):  Learn strategies to balance your life and decrease your stress.  This   workshop will focus on your strengths and how to maximize them to make the most of your semester.  Presenter:  Lisa Mattila

10.     BCC Tutorial Services: You Can Do It, We Can Help! (Room - Melville 105): This workshop will provide an introduction to Tutorial Services, including; available services, accessing one-on-one and small group tutoring, and Drop-in Help Centers.  The workshop also includes a demonstration of Smarthinking, BCC's Online Tutoring program.  Presenter:  Joe Hennessy

11.     Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) (Room - Melville 211) The workshop will provide information about PTK, the official community college honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence. Membership is based on superior academic achievement. PTK membership qualifies students for special scholarships at many four-year institutions.  Presenter: PTK Students

12.     Get $ALT from the Start:  Take Control of Your Finances (Room - Field Room 202 and 203.  Sooner's better than later when it comes to getting savvy about money.  That's why BCC provides $ALT web based financial literacy programming to all our students from the get-go and as a free supplement to your classroom instruction.  Find cash for school.  Score a scholarship, internship, or job.  Get easy-to-follow tips on how to build a smart money mindset.  Presenter:  Financial Aid Staff  

13.    Are You A Veteran? (Room - Veterans Lounge, SBA) (FOR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES ONLY)  If you are a veteran returning to school, learn information and strategies that will address your specific needs and help you succeed at BCC.  Presenter:  John Herrera


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