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The purpose of this survey is to track student learning of information literacy skills and techniques during their academic career at BCC. Through your participation in the earlier Pre-Test and this Post-Test, we will be better able to determine the information instruction needs of our students. While your participation in the Pre-Test is required, you will not receive a grade for this exercise. We very much appreciate your help on this assessment project.      Thank you.

Section One


For the following questions, click the option that best answers each question. In some cases you may have to fill in a text box.

Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012
Yes No 
                            Never     1 - 4 times     5 - 7 times     8 or more times

Section Two

For questions 1 - 5, give a score ranging from Never-5 for the activities on which you spend the most time doing, when you are on the computer. A score of 5 would be for activities you spend the greatest amount of time on, and 1 for those you spend the least amount of time on. If you do not have access to a computer, or if you have not engaged in a particular activity, respond by selecting "Never." We are looking for answers that accurately capture your real activities, so don't worry if your answers don't seem scholarly!

                            Never       1        2       3       4       5

 Never        1       2       3       4       

Never       1        2       3       4       5

Never        1        2       3       4       5

Never        1      2        3        4        5

Section Three

For questions 1-10, fill in the radio button(s) that
most appropriately answer each question.

             Magazine Article      An encyclopedia      Search Google


  A B





   Search the Jonathan Edwards Library Catalog for a book on rare wood warblers.
Search Google or another commercial search engine.
Consult an encyclopedia or reference source on Eastern birds.
Search one of our reference databases for an article.
Peruse the shelves of books downstairs in the hopes of stumbling on
Run to the Reference Librarian and ask for help.
Search WorldCat by keyword for articles, and then see if we have
     any found in our databases.
Search in Wikipedia for more information on native species.
Search Google Scholar and pay for articles if you need to.
Call the Audubon Society for help.

For questions 6, select which of the following best describe the characteristics of a scholarly journal and which describe those of a magazine:


Cutting and pasting material directly out of Google and not citing your source.
Copying material out of a book, newspaper, journal or any other print source without citing your source.
Falsely presenting someone else's work as your own.
All the above.

For question 8, select which of the following are primary and which are secondary sources: 

Primary    Secondary  
  Primary    Secondary 
  Primary    Secondary 
  Primary    Secondary 
  Primary    Secondary

Is there a bias present? Was this site designed to sway opinion?
Is the information factual and error-free? Can it be verified?
How current is the information presented?
Does the site have an "About" or organizational mission page?
All the above

                     a book
                   an article from an online periodical database
                   a webpage of a Professor
                   a website on Google