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OLLI Course Evaluation
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Dear OLLI Member:
The courses offered by OLLI at BCC are developed by our volunteer Curriculum Committee. As we continue to strive to improve the scope and quality of our offerings in future semesters, your input regarding the course(s) you have taken, or would like to see presented, is very important. Please take a few moments to complete this Evaluation Form.  If you are evaluating a course taught by more than one instructor and you have specific comments about one or more of them, please rate the course as a whole and provide those comments in number 2 below.

Thank you - we appreciate your guidance.

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Course Title

A.  For each statement below, indicate the degree with which you are in
     agreement or disagreement with the statement, using the

1-Strongly Agree; 2-Agree; 3-Neutral; 4-Disagree; 5-Strongly Disagree. 

 Evaluation of the Course              
                                                                                                               1     2    3     4     5  

Evaluation of the Instructor(s)



C. ?

D. ?  (List up to 4 and include potential
     instructors with contact information.)

E. :
               Arts   Literature   Science   Social Science 

Thank you!


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