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Forum Off Campus Guidelines

The following kinds of off-campus events are allowed:

  • Lectures, panels, meetings and arts events where the subject is a public, national, political or social issue.
  • All arts and cultural events (concerts, plays, performances, exhibits, etc.).
  • Documentary films.
  • Films shown at film festivals or at museum venues (e.g., Berkshire Museum's Little Theater, MassMoCa, etc.).
  • Civic events (e.g., town meetings, meetings of the town zoning board, speeches by candidates for electoral office, public hearings on community issues, lectures about environmental issues, etc.).
  • Museums, art museums, historical sites and natural sites.

The following kinds of off-campus events are disallowed:

  • Feature films (excepting documentaries and DIVERSITY, GIRO, and museum-sponsored feature films).
  • Vocational or professional advancement events required for certification.
  • Sports and recreational events.
  • Entertainments (in clubs or cabarets), fairs, or theme parks.
  • Art galleries (because they are smaller than art museums).
  • Charitable activities and service learning.
  • Jury duty.
  • College Convocation, Graduation, and pinning ceremonies.
  • Course required activities (excepting absolutely non-required excursions).
  • Academic preparation workshops.
  • Visits or events must be at least an hour in length.
  • Cultural events must meet educational criteria.