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High School Student


BCC welcomes qualified high school students who would like to take college courses. These students may take credit or noncredit courses without being formally admitted to the college.
High school students who wish to meet some of their high school graduation requirements at BCC may be able to do so by applying for admission to the high school student (HSST) program. Preference is given to high-achieving students, primarily seniors, who have been properly prepared for appropriate college-level work and who have maintained a 3.000 GPA. Students in this category are required to take the BCC skills assessment.

In addition to a transcript, a letter on official high school stationery stating that the student has the permission of the high school principal or guidance counselor is also required. Interested students should contact Admissions (236-1630).

Traditional Students
In academic terms, traditional students are recent high school graduates who enter college shortly after graduation. BCC has a free summer program for graduating high school seniors from Berkshire County who have been admitted to BCC for the fall semester. The program is a collaboration between BCC and area high school faculty.

Held weekdays in August, the program allows students to get a head start on their transition from high school to college. Components include math, English, computer technology, ways to manage stress, and the "do's and don'ts" of a successful first semester in college. Interested students should contact their guidance counselor, high school representative, or Louise Hurwitz at BCC (Ext. 2172).

Academically prepared high school students can attend BCC on a full- or part-time basis. It is possible to complete high school junior and senior year requirements at BCC, while simultaneously earning credits toward a college degree.

Interested students apply for admission to BCC in the High School Student (HSST) program. A recommendation from the student's high school guidance counselor, which includes a list of the courses the student needs to take in order to graduate from high school, must accompany the application. Students also need to take BCC's Learning Skills Assessment (LSA) and schedule an interview before they can be accepted.

High school students interested in taking BCC classes that are not part of their high school requirements may simply take the LSA and register as part-time, non-degree students.

If you are intrested in mathematics, see the BCC Math Roadmap.

Please call 413/236-1631 if you have any questions or need to schedule an interview.

Tech Prep Transitions (aka Career Vocational Linkage Initiative)

BCC is a member of the Berkshire Tech Prep Transitions Consortium, a partnership of area colleges, Berkshire County high schools with at least one career/vocational program, and area employers.

The program offers high school students an opportunity to explore career options in technical fields that require at least a two-year associate degree; and to visit area colleges to learn more about the programs that interest them. Beginning in high school, students map out an educational plan that combines strong academics with technical courses and/or work-based experiences. Many students may be able to receive college credit for some of their high school coursework under the terms of "2 + 2" articulation agreements between the college and their high school. These agreements result in non-duplicative programs of study wherein students earn BCC credit while still in high school.

Selected BCC programs that may result in earning college credit include: Allied Health, Business Administration, Business Careers, Computer Information Systems, Culinary Arts, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Environmental Science, and Hospitality Administration.

High School Tech Prep students are also encouraged to participate in the Dual Enrollment program during their junior or senior year as a way to earn college credit while exploring a potential career, or simply to get a jump start on college requirements. Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselor or the Director of Tech Prep Transitions at BCC (Ext. 2180).

 Read more by clicking here.

High School Equivalency Diploma

BCC is a testing center for the GED program. Students who successfully pass the five sub-tests earn a Massachusetts State High School Equivalency Diploma. For information about taking the GED and the schedule of test dates, contact the Testing and Assessment Center (Ext. 1655, 1656).