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Competitive Internships and Summer Jobs
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Thank you for your interest. The Internships Summer Jobs Seminar is full. Please call Judith Monachina to schedule an appointment to discuss your interest in summer jobs and internships: 236-1605 or 236-1611

January 16, 2013, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Berkshire Community College, SBA G10

The Center for Career Development and the Deans of the College will offer a hands-on workshop to help students prepare strong applications for competitive internships and summer jobs. This workshop should also be helpful when you apply for jobs after you graduate. The seminar will cover such topics as: finding internships; writing resumes and cover letters; submitting online applications; making social media work for you (and not against you); and practicing interviews. Participating students will leave this seminar with an awareness of and competency with the basic tools for finding substantial work and internship experiences.



Please tell us about your career interests, and discuss the skills that you would hope to gain by participating in this seminar. (One or two brief paragraphs)