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Scenes from the BP Gulf Oil Disaster: A Photo-Video Perspective by Shawn Carey at BCC
Sep 17, 2010

The Hoffmann Bird Club, in conjunction with the Berkshire Community College (BCC) Conservation Club, will present Scenes from the BP (British Petroleum) Gulf Oil Disaster; A Photo-Video Perspective by Shawn Carey. The event will take place Tuesday, Sept. 28, at 7:00 PM in Room K-111 of the Koussevitzky Arts Center at BCC on West Street. Doors open at 6:30.

Carey will give a firsthand account of a one week trip he took to Louisiana from July 24 to August 1, and a follow up trip from Sept. 2 to Sept. 7, to document the largest oil disaster in US history, the BP Gulf Oil Disaster.

Shawn took a chartered boat trip into Barataria Bay, July 27 and Sept. 6, where he photographed and recorded videos of two of the largest Brown Pelican colonies in Louisiana. He video-taped the oil soaked shoreline on many of the small islands in the bay and some of the clean-up efforts that were taking place. On July 28 Carey chartered an airplane out of Houma, Louisiana and flew over the marsh to Raccoon Island. He took a boat trip on Sept. 5 to another large Brown Pelican colony and addresses some of the problems facing that island and the birds which use it.

Carey interviewed a park employee at Grand Isle State Park about the devastation on a portion of beach that is out of view from the public, but was oil soaked for over eight weeks and how this might impact many of the shorebirds that are migrating south. He interviewed a man that owns a local fish processing business that has laid off most of his workers and is having a hard time staying in business.

Shawn Carey states "Originally from Pennsylvania I moved to Boston, Massachusetts back in 1986 and have been photographing birds and other wildlife for about 20 years. I have been teaching wildlife photography for Mass Audubon for over 12 years. I am on the board of directors for Eastern Mass Hawk Watch where I serve as their Vice President. I am also on the advisory board for Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center and Nuttall Ornithological Club. Until this past August I served on the Board of Directors for The Brookline Bird Club for many years. I LOVE the natural world, if it walks, crawls, flies, swims or slithers...I'll photograph it!"

For additional information and to see some photos from this trip visit the Migration Productions web site: The presentation is free and open to the public.

For further information on this presentation contact Matt Kelly at 413-458-3290.

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