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BCC Announces March Forums
Feb 15, 2011

The public is invited to attend the following free Forum events on the main campus of Berkshire Community College (BCC). Except as noted, all events are from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM in room K-111 of the college's Koussevitzky Arts Center.

Wednesday, March 3: "Temple Grandin" - Claire Danes stars in the true story about a young girl born with autism who becomes a known expert on raising (and the humane slaughter) of cattle. 6:30 PM.

Thursday, March 3: "Historic Sites: Their History and Survival" - Ellen Spear, President and CEO of Hancock Shaker Village, discusses living history sites and what the future holds for their survival.

Thursday, March 10: "Object/Shadows, Installations of Steel and Light" - Sculptor Larry Kagan discusses his work exploring shadows as a creative medium.

Thursday, March 24: "Sara Wheeler, "Women in Music" - One of the most exciting and original singer-songwriters of recent years will perform acoustic folk rock music.

Thursday, March 31: "I'm not a Feminist, but..." - How did "feminism" become a dirty word, bringing to mind terms like "man hater," ‘bra burner," and "femi-Nazi"? This show is a vaudeville performance that addresses our notions about women and their search for equality. 

For more information on these Forums, contact Nicole Mooney at 413-236-4668 or

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