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BCC Announces April Forums
Mar 16, 2011

The public is invited to attend the following free Forum events on the main campus of Berkshire Community College (BCC). Except as noted, all events are from 12:15PM to 1:15PM in room K-111 of the college's Koussevitzky Arts Center.

Tuesday, April 5: "Hiroshima Story" - Takaaki (James) Morikawa, a survivor (or "hibakusha") of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, shares his experiences. His presentation will look at Hiroshima, the effects of nuclear weaponry, and consider the process of achieving world peace.

Wednesday, April 6: "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" - The true story of Germany's most famous anti-Nazi heroine, Sophie Scholl, a fearless activist of her underground student resistance group, The White Rose. 6:30 PM

Thursday, April 7: "Sexual Assault Myths and Realities" - The Elizabeth Freeman Center and the Berkshire Violence Prevention Center will discuss how sexual assault affects us and what we can do to break the cycle.

Tuesday, April 12: "Lipstick in Afghanistan" - Roberta Gately, a nurse and aid worker, will speak about her time helping villagers in Afghanistan.

Thursday, April 14: "Oriental Beauty" - Esther Goodhart, daughter of a Korean Presbyterian minister, wife of an American Jew, Hebrew teacher, talk show host and stand-up comedienne, performs her "schtick."

Tuesday, April 19: :Censorship Without Censors" - So long as it honors the First Amendment, the U.S. isn't likely to become the book-burning society from Fahrenheit 451, this year's book selection for Pittsfield Reads! But are Americans still subjected to a form of thought control? BCC Professor Wayne Klug explains Noam Chomsky's "propaganda model" and shows an excerpt from an award-winning film on this controversial critic. Psychology of the Mass Media students Kris Rose and David Wasielewski co-present.

Thursday, April 21: "Earth Day Talk by Bruce Winn" - Bruce Winn, is an educator with Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) that works to educate the public in the protection of the environment in the Berkshires and beyond. BEAT has worked on highlighting and rectifying conservation and environmental problems that affect Berkshire County and beyond. Additionally, BEAT educates volunteers to be wildlife trackers in Berkshire County to monitor wildlife habitat with a vision of maintaining and enhancing the wildlife habitat connections among protected landscapes in the Berkshires and up through Vermont and Quebec.  Bruce will be speaking about his work at BEAT, the group's experiences, and how we can be better stewards of the natural beauty we have in the Berkshires.

Tuesday, April 26: "The Business of Being Born" - Following a screening of this controversial documentary, BCC nursing faculty members lead a discussion on the topic of maternity care in the U.S. 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM.

Thursday, April 28: "American Musical Theater and Film - Act 2" - Judy McNutt, BCC student, will present the history of American musical theater throughout the years, and sing her favorite songs from these shows.

For more information on these Forums, contact Nicole Mooney at 413-236-4668 or

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