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BCC, MCLA and Clark University Partner with Nuclea Biotechnologies to Form High Performance Computing Clusters
Apr 4, 2011

Biomarker pioneer Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. today announced the formation of a new high-performance computing cluster arrangement that will advance scientific research in Western and Central Massachusetts. Nuclea will partner with Berkshire Community College (BCC), Clark University, and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) to significantly expand computing power at the three schools and allow complex analysis of mathematical, biological, and chemical information.

The new computing cluster arrangement will be a boon to bioinformatics and educational research in the Berkshires and Worcester, and help solidify the emergence of BCC, Clark, and MCLA as leaders in the growing biotechnology field. All three schools will use the new cluster's computational capacity for educational research, while Nuclea will use it for commercial research.

"These new computing clusters represent a remarkable step forward for bioinformatics research in Western and Central Massachusetts," said Patrick J. Muraca, president & CEO of Nuclea. "By joining together with these three tremendous schools, we will hasten the discovery of new treatments for disease, and establish this region as a leader in biotechnology and healthcare."

"This venture opens the door to new opportunities and possibilities in our region," said Mary K. Grant, president of MCLA. "In addition to continuing our strong collaboration with BCC, the cluster will enable us to partner with the truly innovative work Nuclea is doing in the life sciences. The linkage among MCLA, BCC, and Clark University also creates new collaboration and research possibilities for our faculty, as well as opportunities for our students that will set them apart as they embark upon their careers or prepare for graduate school."

As part of the agreement, Nuclea will provide more than $300,000 to reimburse the three schools for the purchase of computer servers. Students and researchers at the academic institutions will have access to the clusters' computing power for the majority of their operational time, while Nuclea analysts are guaranteed access to the clusters for up to 40% of running time. The arrangement will expand Nuclea's computing capacity by roughly 50%, while allowing academic researchers at the three schools to tackle more complex problems.

"There are three extremely positive aspects at work here: the benefits to Nuclea and their ongoing research, the region's future specialized workforce as well as our students who will access the cluster through classroom work and internships," said Dr. Paul Raverta, president of Berkshire Community College. "Research in the life sciences is no longer primarily based in the test tube but rather in analysis using large databases."

"Nuclea is a fast-growing company, and a great example of what can be accomplished in the life sciences in the western part of our state," said Susan Windham-Bannister, president & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. "I want to congratulate Nuclea on this new collaboration with leading academic institutions in the region. It is through such collaborations that we will keep our life sciences cluster vibrant and growing in all regions of the state. Nuclea has hosted interns funded by the Center for the past two summers and we are pleased that they plan to participate again this coming summer."

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