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Free Business Breakfast Forum - August 4th
Jul 28, 2011
Berkshire Enterprises will offer a Free Business Breakfast Forum How Are Today's Customers Different? and How Do you Know? on Thursday August 4th from 7:30-9:00 AM. Over the years, customers change. Some move away and others move here. Some are stressed by the economy and their needs change. Others are growing and thriving and their needs change as well. The forum will be lead by Steve Fogel, Program Director of Berkshire Enterprises. It will be held in the Third Floor Board Room at One Fenn Street in Pittsfield.

This Forum will be a discussion by and for small business owners and managers of what they do to identify changes in the needs of their customers and potential customers, what they are seeing today that is different from the past, and what they are doing to meet those changing needs. We will focus the discussion on what has worked for ourselves and how this might help others.

Steve Fogel, Program Director of Berkshire Enterprises says, "If our customers are changing and businesses do not recognize that change and adapt, they are doomed to failure or marginal existence. Success and growth depends on meeting the changing needs of changing customers." The forum is appropriate for owners and managers of small businesses as well as those who have experiences they feel would be beneficial to small business owners.

Berkshire Enterprises Business Breakfast Forums have been held since 2001. The Forums are made possible through the generous support from Greylock Federal Credit Union, Legacy Banks, Berkshire Bank, TD Banknorth, and the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank in space provided by CompuWorks. The forums include an active discussion of techniques that work and can be implemented easily. A light breakfast is included. Anyone who is interested in attending should register emailing Steve Fogel at or by 413-441-3688 (cell). Space is limited and reservations are required.

Berkshire Enterprises is a program of the Office for Workforce Development at Berkshire Community College.

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