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Presidential Search
Feb 13, 2012

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Ross Dindio, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees is leading a national search process, facilitated by search firm R. H. Perry & Associates. In addition to Chairman Dindio, trustees Darlene Rodowicz, Michael Supranowicz, and Paul Caccaviello are members of the committee. The faculty representatives are Ellen Shanahan from the Humanities Division, Stacy Evans from the Nursing, Health, and Social Sciences Division and Diane Sturtevant from the Business, Science, Mathematics and Technology Division. Other members include: Liz Recko-Morrison, MCCC, Marzi Carlopoli, AFSCME, Eleanor Velez, Unit Professional, Anna Gallo-Foss, Non-Unit Professional, Vice President Michael Bullock from the Executive Council, Barbara Hochberg, representing the BCC Foundation and OLLI, and Karla Pauta, representing the students, complete the list of voting members. Deborah Cote, Vice President for Human Resources and Affirmative Action Officer, is a non-voting member as will a staff member from the Commissioner of Higher Education's office. The target date for a new president's start is July 1, 2012.

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