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Dr. Maria Sirois to Speak at BCC Forum
Mar 14, 2012
Dr. Maria Sirois, inspirational speaker, consultant, and licensed clinical psychologist will present The Resilient Life at FORUM on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. The talk will be held at 12:15 PM in room K-111 of the Koussevitzky Arts Center on the main campus of Berkshire Community College (BCC). This FORUM event is free and open to the public.

Join storyteller, psychologist and author Maria Sirois as she offers insights from the fields of positive psychology, mind/body medicine, and from the wisdom traditions to assist each of us to move through life centered in our capacities. The life well-lived is periodically a life of tumult or unexpected strain or loss. Yet the keys exist to unlock the doors of our own resiliency - keys that enable us to strengthen our strengths, direct our energies toward that which is life-sustaining, and create, even in times of great stress, a deeper sense of meaning and of heading true north.

Learn more about Dr. Sirois at

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