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Susan Lombard Retires From BCC Board of Trustees
Oct 26, 2012
After serving for more than thirteen years, Susan Lombard retired from the Board of Trustees for Berkshire Community College (BCC) in June 2012.

In addition to her role as a Trustee, Lombard served as Vice Chair from 2001 to 2004 and two terms as Chair from 2004 to 2010 and again from February 2011 to 2012. In 2005, she assumed the position of Interim President for a short period while the College was experiencing a transition in leadership.

Through her work with the BCC Board of Trustees and her exposure to the teaching and learning taking place at the college, Lombard developed an appreciation for BCC students and their stories and challenges. She donated generously to scholarships and, with her husband David, created the Lombard Enrichment Award to support expertise, experience and innovation that will have permanent benefits for the College and, most importantly, for BCC students. The Award is given to a BCC full-time faculty or professional staff member who seeks to pursue activities that are personally and professionally rewarding but that also have a significant and lasting impact on their work at the College

A passionate advocate for BCC and all community colleges, Lombard devoted countless hours representing the College throughout the Commonwealth. She served as an officer with the Massachusetts Community College Trustee Association traveling across the Commonwealth to meet with and represent the views of the fifteen community college Boards of Trustees.

A strong supporter of education, Lombard has served as Chair of the School Committee for the Central Berkshire Regional School District and, along with her husband, David, she remains involved in the couple's own alma maters, Gould Academy, Nichols College and Colby College.

"Susan's hard work, dedication and commitment inspire and encourage us and will continue to do so long after her retirement," said Ellen Kennedy, BCC's President. "Through both good and challenging times, Susan has remained focused on advancing the College's mission and enhancing our ability to offer high-quality educational opportunities for students. Susan spent countless hours representing BCC and advocating on its behalf - locally and throughout the Commonwealth. She has led the Board with distinction and the College is a better place as a result of her service. "

"Susan set an example for a high standard of leadership during her years on the board through her personal commitment, deep caring, and never ending advocacy," said Eugene A. Dellea, President of the BCC Foundation Board of Directors. "Her profound influence set the College on a course that will have lasting benefit for the local community and for students who choose to attend Berkshire Community College."

Susan Lombard will be celebrated for her extraordinary leadership at Berkshire Community College and in the region on Thursday, November 15. For more information contact Alyson Beach-Weatherwax (413-236-1003 or

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