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BCC Supports Pittsfield Promise "Word of the Day"
by Jeff Doscher
Jul 3, 2013

Berkshire Community College is proud to be actively involved with Pittsfield Promise, an organized group of citizens concerned about the reading levels of young children in Berkshire County. If reading levels aren't what they should be by the third grade, there is a body of research that suggests that a young person's chance of graduating high school is reduced, attending college becomes less likely, and the chance of getting into trouble with the laws increases.

BCC is engaged in this important initiative because all children deserve the right to have real opportunities to become whatever they choose.  Additionally, being prepared to attend college without having to take developmental course work keeps a person on the fast track and reduces the cost of higher education.  Reading and learning opens minds.

The Berkshire Community College community encourages all parents to participate in Word of the Day over the summer and read to their children, or have the children read to them. Just 20 minutes a day makes a tremendous difference!

Visit to participate in the Word of the Day.

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