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"Coin Flip" on display at BCC
Aug 15, 2013
"Coin Flip" an exhibit curated by Benigna Chilla, will be on display in the Koussevitzky Art Gallery at Berkshire Community College (BCC) from Wed., August 28 through Thurs., Oct. 3.

Berrios states "Some artists can easily express what their art is truly about without much thought. For most artists, including me, it is difficult because I have multiple facets to expressing my creative thoughts. On one side of the coin, social and politically charged themes come into bloom. This side ranges in an array of political statements or thoughts that deal with war, human rights, the economy, and international social issues. All these issues are important to me as an artist to address somewhere in my art career. It just so happens that it started with them. On the opposite side of the coin is the abstract artwork that provides a synthetic reality to the viewer. This side deals with abstracting figures and images to develop a cohesive marriage, which when developed fully allows the work to be personal or political and still have an equal visual effect on the viewer. On the edge of the coin is the personal aspect of my work; the part, which I believe, drives all artists' work. The viewer has to deal with my relationships with present and past lovers, friends, and family, how that part of my life has its own mini category that gets played in the social-political and the abstract parts of my work but also has to be able to stand on its own. Just imagine a coin flipping in air, and then landing as it bounces off the ground, and then repeat. This is how I would describe my art process and the mental investigation that leads me to a finished product.

Juan Berrios received a Master's of Fine Arts in May 2013 from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Boston, MA, with a concentration in 2D Painting, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2009 from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University Boston, MA, with a concentration in Printmaking, Painting, and Installations.

His group exhibitions include: FAWC Thesis Show, Provincetown, MA; 60th and 61st Annual Boston Printmakers North American Biennial 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA; Suffolk University Student Show, Suffolk University, Boston, MA; and Suffolk University Senior Thesis Show, Suffolk University, Boston, MA. A solo exhibition was displayed at Inside White Box New England School of Art & Design, Boston MA.

For more information, email Benigna Chilla at

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