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BCC Launches New Kid Academy
Jan 10, 2014
Berkshire Community College (BCC) is launching a new Kid Academy geared toward providing youth with the opportunity to take classes and get a peek at what it's like to take a course at BCC.

The majority of the classes, which primarily take place on Saturdays and will begin later this month and in February, are geared toward youth aged 7 to 17.

objectid="key=Module.AssetMgr04182003:AssetID=3770" align="left" width="275" height="310" />Featured classes focus on such topics as crafting, video production, hiking, sewing and cooking. Other skills-based workshops offer hands-on instruction such as safe sitter training and speech improvement, among others. 

"I am very excited to launch BCC's Kid Academy. We're always looking for new ways to educate the youth of Berkshire County and these workshops illustrate that learning happens in and out of the classroom in fun and exciting ways," said Linda Morelli, BCC's director of non-credit instruction. "We also hope that exposing our youth to BCC will promote thinking about college and will help to create aspirations about future schooling and career paths."

For detailed information about Kid Academy classes, visit to view BCC's Spring 2014 Semester Schedule and go to page 32.

To register, call the Office of Community Education at 413-236-2127 or email

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