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Student Employment

Student Employment

Students interested in part-time employment are encouraged to review all campus and community service positions, regardless of their financial aid status, posted in the Job Book conveniently located in the Financial Aid Office.

The College hopes that your student employment experience will help meet your educational goals and personal expenses while attending college.

It is the College's policy that students do not work more than 8-10 hours per week* during academic terms. This long standing policy is to ensure academic integrity and encourage balance with extracurricular activities.  

*Tutors may exceed recommended work hours based on their student appointments.

Types of Employment

On-Campus Employment

Community Service Positions (work-study only)

  • America Reads/Got Math
  • Human Services Practicum

Off-campus Employment Opportunities (not connected to the College)

Locating and Applying for a Job

On-campus and community service jobs are posted in the Job Book located in the Financial Aid Office.  The Job Book is updated daily during the academic year.  Students are encouraged to periodically review the job listings if they have been unable to secure employment.

Employment Policies - Student Expectations

  • Commitment

Accepting a work position involves a commitment from you.  You are primarily a student, but you have certain responsibilities to your employer.  In addition to performing tasks to the best of your ability, you are expected to be dependable and considerate.  Be sure to contact your supervisor in advance if you cannot work your assigned hours.

  • Confidentiality

Student employees of Berkshire Community College may have access to confidential information about faculty, staff, students, alumni and others.  In order to protect the privacy of individuals, all employees must understand that information seen and heard on the job must not be shared with anyone outside the immediate department.  This information includes, but is not limited to, the following: financial information, gifts, employment, education, and family/personal/financial situations.  Failure to comply with the confidentiality policy will result in immediate termination of employment.

  • Dress Code

Individual departments may have a dress code for health or safety reasons or in situations where you are highly visible to the community.  Your supervisor can proscribe any specific dress requirements, if not already included in the job description.  Items required by law, such as hats and gloves for food service, are provided by the department.

  • Scheduling/Hours

You are paid for actual hours worked.  You will not receive pay for holidays, sick days, vacation days, lunch hours or other leave.

You will not be paid for hours missed on those infrequent occasions when offices close due to inclement weather.  You may be given the opportunity to make up the missed hours at the discretion of your supervisor.

It is your responsibility to call your supervisor if you will be late, cannot go to work or are ill.  Departments rely on student workers.  You may be given the opportunity to reschedule the missed hours at the discretion of your supervisor.

  • Pay rate

Student wage rates apply to all student employees.  The college reviews its student wage rates annually.

  • Paychecks

Before you receive your first paycheck for on-campus work or community service work-study, you must complete the federal and state tax withholding certificates (W-4 and M-4), the federal verification of employment eligibility form (I-9), and OBRA if applicable.  These forms are available in the Financial Aid Office or through your supervisor.

Students are paid on the basis of timesheets signed by both the student and the supervisor.  It is your supervisor's responsibility to submit your timesheet to the Business Office every Friday by 4:00 p.m.  Timesheets submitted late cannot be processed until the following payroll. 

Paychecks are issued bi-weekly according to the student payroll schedule. Paychecks may be picked up at the Student Billing Office with the proper identification.

  • Termination

Student employees who do not perform satisfactorily can be terminated.  It is customary for the supervisor to issue at least one verbal and one written warning prior to termination. 

Persistent lateness and unsatisfactory job performance may be grounds for your dismissal. 

If you must resign from your position, it is customary and courteous to give two weeks notice to your supervisor.  Remember departments rely on student workers.