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Free tutoring in most subjects is available in the Tutorial Center to day and evening students. Students are tutored by other BCC students or individuals with special expertise.   

Need help with academic course work, math skills, or study strategies? BCC Tutorial Services is the place for you! You can work in a supportive environment with a tutor or faculty member. Our mission is to enhance your potential for academic success.

The Tutorial Center is located in the Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-214 (the entrance nearest the Library). Our normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Tutoring is also available at the South County center.  

The Tutorial Center staff is here to assist you. We can be reached at (413) 236-1650.

Joe Hennessey, Coordinator of Tutorial Services, (413) 236-1651
Sandra Rinaldi Sciola, Tutorial Assistant and Support Aide, (413) 236-1650
Kirsten Wanamaker, Tutorial Aide, (413)236-1652

The Tutorial Center at BCC was established to provide free assistance in academic subjects to any student presently enrolled in a credit course at the college and desiring additional help with coursework.

The areas of assistance provided by the program include peer tutoring in most disciplines; study strategies for academic success provided through handouts, one-on-one tutorials, and workshops; and online tutorial software programs available in a variety of disciplines. Walk-in assistance in mathematics and writing is also provided. Prospective students and other members of the community are welcome to use the study skills information, the online tutorial software programs, and to attend workshops.

Most students are limited to one hour of tutoring per week per course. Students with a documented disability may receive an additional hour with approval from the Coordinator of Learning Resources.

Need a Tutor?

Visit the Tutoring Center (Koussevitzky K-214 - the entrance nearest the Library )Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm, and complete a Request for Tutor form.   Tutoring is also available at the South County center.
Additional Rights and Responsibilities

Tutee Absentee Policy

  • Tutees are expected to arrive for all sessions on time and to meet at the assigned time for the entire semester, unless the tutee has notified the tutor that assistance is no longer needed. Tutors are required to wait ten minutes for their tutees.
  • Tutees are required to call or e-mail their tutors two hours before their appointment to cancel to avoid an absence. If tutees are unable to reach their tutors, they are required to call the Tutorial Center at (413) 236-1650 to cancel. When tutees reach the Tutorial Center's answering machine, they must leave their name, the name of their tutor, and the day and time of the scheduled appointment they wish to cancel. Messages can be left at any time of the day or night.
  • Two absences without notice result in termination of tutorial privileges for the particular course for the present semester. Tutees are requested to keep track of their absences. Tutees may request an appeal by contacting the Coordinator of Learning Resources within three days of their termination notice.

Tutor Absence Policy

  • Tutors are expected to arrive for all sessions on time and to meet at the assigned time for the entire semester.
  • If tutors arrive for a session, wait ten minutes, and their tutee does not show, they are required to see the staff of the Tutorial Center. Tutors must then fill out the "Tutor Log" noting on both that the tutee was a no show or a last minute cancellation and complete a no-show card. Tutors will be paid for one half-hour by recording this time on their "Time Sheet."
  • If a tutor receives a cancellation notification two hours prior to the time of the session, the tutor will not be paid; however, if the message was not received and the tutor arrives for the session, the tutor will be paid for one half-hour.
  • If an unforeseen absence or a previous appointment requires a tutor to cancel a session, the tutor is expected to make-up the session at a mutually agreeable time. Tutors should try to avoid scheduling appointments that will conflict with their tutorial sessions. Tutees depend upon their tutors.
  • Tutors' absences are monitored and excessive absenteeism will result in program dismissal.

Tutor and Tutee Additional Rights and Responsibilities

  • Tutors and tutees are expected to come prepared for each tutorial session. Tutees should bring their textbooks, course notes, and any questions they may have for their tutor. Tutors should consult the course syllabus in order to be familiar with the current course material.
  • Tutors and tutees are not to work on homework assignments unless otherwise instructed by the staff of the Tutorial Center. In addition, assistance is not given on any take-home exams, final papers, and final projects. If tutors have questions, they should contact the faculty or the staff of the Tutorial Center.
  • Tutees may consult the Coordinator of Learning Resources to receive an additional hour of tutoring per week.
  • Tutors and tutees are required to notify the tutorial staff if they are dropping out of the Tutorial Services Program.
  • Tutors and tutees have the right to terminate their tutorial contracts with each other because of excessive absenteeism, tardiness, or lack of preparation for their tutorial sessions.
  • If tutors and tutees are concerned about the effectiveness of their tutorial sessions, they should contact the staff of the Tutorial Center.

Become A Tutor

Peer tutors are students who have been recommended by a faculty member after having taken a particular course, achieved a grade of "A" or "B" in that course, and who possess the academic and leadership skills necessary to be a tutor. In addition, members of the local community with special expertise participate as tutors.

Tutors are expected to be responsible, punctual, and to meet each week with their tutees at the assigned time. Tutors are paid at the rate of $8.42 per hour and $ 8.77 after two semesters of experience. They also gain valuable work experience as well as the satisfaction of helping other students. Community tutors (tutors who are not BCC students) are paid $9.79/hour.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor please call Joseph Hennessey at (413) 236-1651, or email

Free tutoring in most academic disciplines is offered to all day and evening students enrolled in a credit course at BCC and desiring additional assistance with their coursework. Students are tutored by other students, BCC faculty members, or individuals from outside of the college who have special expertise. All peer and community tutors are recommended or approved by BCC faculty.   

Tutoring sessions are normally one hour in length and are held on an individual basis or in small groups. All students meet with their tutors at the scheduled time each week for the entire semester.

Peer Tutoring has become an important support service to students at all academic levels at BCC.

Click on "Need a Tutor" to download a tutor request application and to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of being tutored.

Click on "Become a Tutor" to learn about joining the Tutorial Services Program at BCC and to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of being a tutor.

Study Strategies For Academic Success

Success in college is enhanced by learning and applying proven study skills strategies. In the Tutorial Center, study skills information is available in the areas of effective listening and note taking, learning styles, mathematics, memorization, study aids, test taking, textbook reading, and time management.

Information can be obtained through handouts, video and audio tapes, and workshops.

Help Centers - Tutorial Center, K214

  • Get expert help writing papers in all subjects.
  • Receive feedback at any stage of the writing process with:
    • clarification of an assignment
    • development of ideas
    • organization of material
    • researching, quoting, and citing
    • writing, evaluating, and revising drafts

    Call (413) 236-1650 or drop in to K-214 make an appointment.  

    Academic Support Handouts

    The Tutorial Center has created several useful handouts to assist students in their courses. Please refer to the list of available handouts below. You may view or print the handouts in either MS Word or Adobe PDF. You will need to download the Adobe Reader if you do not have it by clicking here.

    Tutorial Handout Series:

    Tips Mathematics Study Aids
    Effective Listening Mechanics and Proofreading
    Handbook for Writing Test Taking
    Learning Styles Time Management
    Memorization Note Taking
    Study Aids SQ4R Method

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