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Executive Offices



President's Office President Ellen Kennedy F-226 1003
  Assistant to the President Kim Brookman F-227 1003
Academic Affairs Vice President for Academic Affairs Frances Feinerman  F-229


  Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs  Laura Saldarini  



Academic Deans Business, Science, Math- ematics and Technology Charles Kaminski F-208 2105
  Administrative Secretary Sharon Aleksa F-209 2106
  Humanities Thomas Curley F-205  
  Administrative Secretary Deborah Carderella F-204  
  Nursing, Health & Social Sciences Anna Gallo Foss F-211  
  Administrative Secretary Michelle Peets F-210  
Administration &
Vice President John Law F-225  
  Staff Assistant Molly Guest F-224  
Institutional Advancement  Vice President for Institutional Advancement Jeff Doscher F-230  
  Staff Assistant Ann Phillips F-232  
LifeLong Learning & Workforce Development  Vice President for Community Education & Workforce Development Bill Mulholland F-125  
  Director of Corporate Training Denise Johns IMEC*  
  Director of Noncredit Instruction Linda Morelli IMEC*  
Student Affairs & Enrollment Services Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Services Michael Bullock A-126  
  Staff Assistant Mary Martin A-123  

  Offices / Functions

Academic Advising Center  Professor of Allied Health & Life Sciences Anne Fortune F-117 4555
Allied Health Department Chair      
  Coordinator of Student Success Center Marguerite Cookson (Peg) F-118 1625
Admissions  Director of Marketing & Student Recruitment  Christina Barrett F-115 1631
Counselor Tina Schettini F-113 1635
Counselor (Bilingual) Eleanore Velez F-116 1636
Advanced Standing TBA TBA F-115 1631
Affirmative Action Vice President for Human Resources & Affirmative Action Officer Deborah Cote AA-21 1022
Assessment & Testing Coordinator Elizabeth Recko-Morrrison K113D 1656
BCC Foundation  Executive Director Jeff Doscher F-230 2186
Career Services  Coordinator of Cooperative Education and Career Services Judith Monachina A-116 1611
CCNA Certification Professor of Computer Information Systems John Osthoff M-224 4616
College Senate   Chris Weingartner A-120 1661
College Store  Main Number (Follett Inc.) A-102 3065
Manager Kristen Scala A-102 3068
Computer Lab  Computer Lab Learning Specialist Michael Shakeshaft F-106 2165
Development  Director of Development and Alumni Relations Jennifer Kerwood F-215 2188
Disability Resource Center  Coordinator of Disability Services Pam Farron A-112 1608
Diversity Committee/Films Professor of Behavioral Sciences Susan Pinsker H-248 4576
Emergency Campus Security Campus Security   6100
Enrollment Services Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Services Michael Bullock A-126 1601
Facilities & Grounds Director Scott Richards AA-17 3015
  Facilities Clerk Diane Kitterman AA-15 3016
Financial Aid  Director Anne Moore F-124 1642
  Coordinator/Student Loans Christopher Weingartner F-121 1641
  Coordinator/Work Study Karrie Trautman F-123 1643
Food Services  Director Kevin Kennedy A-G3 3045
Assistant Director Katie Hickey A-GC3 3046
FORUM Records  Secretary, Registrar's Office Kellie Dillon F-111 2134
Honors Program  Professor of Sociology Stacy Evans H-235 4563
Human Resources  Vice President Deborah Cote AA-21 1022
Assistant Director Susanne Grant AA-21 1021
Immunization Records Immunization Clerk Donna Connors A-117 1614
Information Technology Help Desk Help Desk Staff F-105 3004
  Director Richard Wixsom    
Institutional Research & Planning Grant Writer Gina Stec F-214 2110
Instructional Technology  Academic Technology Assistant Janet Collins K-208 2161
Library  Director Nancy Walker E-102 2151
Library Services Coordinator Karen Carreras-Hubbard E-103 2153
Microsoft Certified Application Specialist  Professor of Business Software Systems Kathy Gowdey M-242 4640
Noncredit Workshops  Director Linda Pierce IMEC* 2122
Off-Campus Centers Director Phylene Farrell SCC 5201
OLLI at BCC Executive Director Barbara Hochberg F-234 1292
  Staff Assistant Sharon Mack F-233 2198
Online Learning  Academic Technology Assistant Janet Collins    
Parking Payments  Accountant, Student Billing Rochelle Daverin F-108 3041
Paterson Field House Director of Athletics and Recreational Programming Lauren Pellegrino P-103A 1661
  Recreational Facilities Supervisor Paul Crennan P-103A 1672
Personal Counseling  Senior Academic Counselor Lisa Mattila A-114 1609
Procurement Director  Director William Mannix A-12 3036
Project Link Coordinator Barbara Baker H-208A 2175
Public Relations Director of Marketing & Student Recruitment Christina Barrett F-217 2112
Registrar Registrar Donald Pfeifer F-112 2133
Road Scholar Coordinator Lynette Cornwell IMEC* 2124
Security Non-Emergency   A-18 1010
Service-Learning Staff Assistant Mary Parkman H-215 2176
South County Center  Director Phylene Farrell SCC 5201
Administrative Assistant Cathy Dargi SCC 5202
Student Billing Accountant Rochelle Daverin F-108 3041/ 3042
Student Government Ambassadors Campus Security A-119 1665
Student Life  Director of Student Engagement Beth Wallace A-120 1662
  Administrative Secretary Mary Zancanato A-119 1660
Sustainable Effort Dean of Academic Affairs for Business, Science, Mathematics, Technology Charles Kaminski F-208 2105
Tech Prep/CVTE Coordinator of the Secondary Postsecondary Julie Hannum H-215 2180
  CVTE Linkage Initiative      
Theatre  Technical Director Kevin McGerigle K-110C 4713
Transfer Affairs/Articulation  Coordinator Geoffrey Tabor A-116 1610
Transfer-In Evaluation TBA      
TRIO Program  Coordinator Christine DeGregorio F-236 1681
Academic Counselor Peggy Williams F-239 1683
Learning Specialist Larry Stalvey F-201 1682
Tutorial Services  Coordinator Joe Hennessey K-214 1651
Veteran's Certification Secretary, Registrar's Office Marsha Burniske F-112 2133
Workforce Development  Director, Corporate Training Denise Johns IMEC* 2125
* Intermodal Education Center
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