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Withdrawing from a Course

Withdrawal from the College/All Classes (see below)

Withdrawal from a Course

The basic responsibility for withdrawing from a course rests with the student. Students who withdraw from a course during the Drop/Add period receive no notation on their record. Students withdrawing from a course after the Drop/Add period and up to and including the date indicated on the academic calendar as the last day for course withdrawals (W grades) will receive a grade of W. Students withdrawing after this date but on or before the date indicated on the academic calendar as the last day for course withdrawals (WP/WF grades) will receive either a grade of WP (Withdrawn Passing) or WF (Withdrawn Failing). The grade will be determined by the course instructor. A grade of WF is computed in the academic average as an F.

A student may continue to attend class on an audit basis with the permission of the instructor even after official withdrawal from the course. All students seeking to withdraw from a course after the end of the Drop/Add period and before the course withdrawal deadline are required to complete and sign a Drop Form and provide evidence of having notified both the course instructor and their academic advisor of their intent to withdraw. Evidence of notification may be in the form of either a faculty/advisor signature on the drop form or a printed copy of an e-mail from the faculty/advisor attached to the drop form that demonstrates they have been notified. Completed drop forms are submitted to the Registrar's Office or the South County Center.

Students should be aware that withdrawing from a course(s) may affect their eligibility for financial aid, Social Security benefits, veterans' benefits, loans, etc. Since a student may be required to repay a portion of the aid money received earlier in the semester, check with the appropriate office/agency before withdrawing. While the W or WP grade in no way affects the grade point average, the Student Standing Committee will review the overall academic performance of those students who have more than one W/WP in a semester or more than two W/WPs in an academic year. The committee has elected to suspend or place restrictions on students who abuse the withdrawal privilege.

For more information on what happens to financial aid when a course is dropped: Financial Aid Recipients Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Section Changes
During the first week of the semester, a student may request a section change for a course or lab that allows the course to be taken at a different time. A Drop/Add form, available in the Registrar's Office or Academic Advising Center, should be completed and returned to the Registrar's Office. Changing sections without proper notification to the Registrar may result in loss of course credits.

Contacting Instructors and Advisors

You can obtain phone numbers and email addresses by logging into MyBCC and using WebAdvisor, go to  Search for Sections, to locate your course.  Detail on the section name and title and you will see your instructor's name, office phone number and email address.  Use My Profile to locate the name, phone extension and email address of your academic advisor.

To locate faculty and advisor offices, there is a staff directory on the BCC website (select About BCC, then Faculty and Staff).  There is also a faculty and staff directory posted on a bulletin board opposite the Registrar's Office window.

If your advisor is the Academic Advising Center or you have no academic advisor, you should notify the Academic Advising Center of your intent to withdraw.  They are located in the Field Administration Building, Room 117.  Their phone number is 236-1620 or email

Deadlines and Transcript Notations

You should consult the Academic Calendar for withdrawal dates and deadlines for each semester. 

Beginning the day after the end of the drop/add period through the Last Day for Course Withdrawals (W Grades), you will receive a grade of "W" for the course on your academic transcript.  A withdrawal grade of "W" has no impact on the calculation of your grade point average.  After this, the withdrawal period continues for a few more weeks up to the Last Day for Course Withdrawals (WP/WF) grades.  During this period, your instructor will be asked to assign you a grade of "WP" (withdrawn/passing) or "WF" (withdrawn/failing).  A WP grade has no impact on the calculation of your grade point average, however, a WF is calculated the same as a grade of F.  After this date it is not possible to withdraw from a course and your instructor must assign you a final grade.

Withdrawal from the College

Students whose circumstances require them to drop all courses during a semester should initiate a college withdrawal through the Student Success Center (F-118, Ext. 222) or at the South County Center in Great Barrington. Evening students may fill out the withdrawal form from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Registrar's Office.

Student-initiated college withdrawals are recorded in the same way as course withdrawals, with the same deadlines applying.

A full college withdrawal is not appropriate if students have already completed one modular course (or more). Students should contact the Registrar's Office concerning this situation.

Special circumstances may warrant exceptions to this withdrawal policy. Appeals for exceptions should be made in writing and submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will consult with appropriate faculty members and college officers, and then report a decision to the petitioner and to the Registrar.