BCC Alumni Association

Alumni Board

The Alumni Association is led by an elected Alumni Board, elected at-large in an online ballot. Its mission is to work to advance both Berkshire Community College and its alumni. 

The Board will plan social and informative events for all alumni. Alumni are welcome at all meetings, which are generally held on the third Wednesday of the month from 5–6 p.m. Contact us for more information. 

Update Your Contact Information

If you are not receiving the quarterly BCC E-News or the printed newsletters in the mail, we may not have your current contact information. Email us with your mailing address, phone, email and any other news you'd like to share to update our database and be included in the next AlumniNotes.

Mission Statement

ARTICLE III: Mission Statement

The Berkshire Community College Alumni Association is an independent autonomous organization whose purpose is to promote relationships with current and future alumni and the College. The Association will strive to strengthen, promote and support the activities and educational goals of BCC. The Association will partner with BCC to promote the spirit of community, loyalty, goodwill and friendship among the alumni.

ARTICLE IV: Association Membership

  • Section 1. Eligibility.  All graduates and former students of BCC, are considered alumni and therefore are members of the Association.
  • Section 2. Privileges of Membership.  Members of the Association have the right to attend all meetings of the Association, are eligible to serve on committees as appointed by the Chairperson, and are eligible to participate in College Alumni activities.  All members have the right to vote at Association meetings.  
  • Section 3. Honorary Membership. An Honorary Membership may be bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated a meritorious commitment to BCC. The honored will not have been required to be a graduate or former student. Any member of the Association can nominate individuals for honorary membership and the Board will vote to convey the honor. A majority vote will approve. The Association will have the purview to determine what is considered meritorious. Honorary members will have privileges to attend all meetings, but not have vote or Board election rights.

Section 4. Dues. The Association shall collect no dues for membership. 

All BCC Alumni are members of the Alumni Association. There is no membership fee. Find us on Facebook!