Parking Regulations

Parking is free and on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to arrive on campus at least ten minutes before their classes start. In order to provide safe and easy access to buildings for emergencies, parking regulations are strictly enforced by college personnel. 

On-campus parking areas are assigned in the following way:

  • Handicapped Parking sections are in the Paterson Field lot and the area on the east side of Susan B. Anthony College Center and along the "Fire Road."  Anyone who parks in these areas must display a state issued handicap placard or plate.
  • Student Parking is between painted lines in north, central, and Paterson Field lots in areas not designated for faculty/staff or handicapped persons.
  • Faculty/Staff Parking is along "East Road" and designated areas in north, central, and Paterson Field lots, and on the "Fire Road."  Cars must display faculty/staff stickers available through the Parking Clerk.
  • Visitor Parking IS NOT for faculty, staff, or students at any time.
  • Following is a complete list of parking violations:   
    1. Upon any part of any highway in such manner as to impede removal or plowing of snow and ice.
    2. Upon any sidewalk.
    3. Upon any highway with twenty (20) feet of any intersecting way, except alleys.
    4. Within ten (10) feet of a fire hydrant.
    5. By other than a handicapped person in any HANDICAPPED PARKING space.
    6. In front of any driveway.
    7. So as to obstruct traffic.
    8. In front of any barricade erected-temporarily or permanently-to close a way to vehicular traffic.
    9. Taking up two parking spaces will be considered a violation.
    10. On land, except a designated parking lot, not designated for vehicular traffic such as walks, lawns, and open fields.
    11. In front of a gateway or entrance to an athletic field or other field or open area.
    12. Upon any way that is an entrance to a parking area.
    13. In any Service Zone except while actually engaged in loading and unloading.
    14. Adjacent to any building in such a manner as to obstruct an exit or entrance thereto.
    15. In any Bus Stop.
    16. In any area designated as Reserved for Fire, Police, Ambulance, or other emergency vehicle.
    17. By other than a bona fide visitor in any parking lot, area, stall, or space designated as VISITOR PARKING.
    18. Except for official vehicles, in any parking lot, area, stall, or space designated as AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY, or for RESERVED PARKING.
    19. In any area designated NO PARKING.
    20. In wrong direction.
    21. Overtime in restricted area.

Parking Fines

Parking in any of the above manners shall constitute illegal parking and the vehicle will be assessed a $15 fine (except #5 — in a Handicapped space — which will have a $25 fined assessed). Fines and appeals are handled through the office of the Parking Clerk, located in the Field Administration Building, Student Accounts Office (ext. 3042.)

If an issued ticket is unpaid after 21 days, an additional $10 fine is imposed, only one late-payment notice is sent, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)is notified.  If after 90 days from the date of issue, the ticket and late fee are still not paid, the RMV will assess an additional $30 penalty as prescribed by law. The RMV will not renew the driver's license and/or car registration until the fines are paid. BCC reserves the right to hold grades, transcripts, registration, and graduation of all violators with unpaid fines.

Upon the sixth (6th) and each subsequent violation by an individual, in addition to the ticket, the vehicle will be immobilized with a "Denver Boot" until all fines have been paid.  An additional fee of $25 will be charged to have the boot removed from the immobilized car.

Appealing a Parking Ticket

Any dispute over parking tickets must be handled through an appeal process. Securitydoes not have the authority to "fix" a ticket. Appeal forms are available through, and may be filed at, the Student Accounts Office within 14 days of issuance date on ticket. The original ticket must be submitted with the filed appeal.  All appeals are reviewed by the College Parking Appeals Committee once a month.  The decision of the committee is final. ^ Top