Main Campus Parking

Parking on BCC's main campus is on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid parking problems, students are encouraged to arrive on-campus at least 10 minutes before their classes start.

To provide safe and easy access to buildings for emergencies, parking regulations are strictly enforced. On-campus parking areas (see map below) are assigned as follows:

Handicapped/Special Permit Parking sections are in the south lot, the area on the east side of the Susan B. Anthony Center and along the Fire Road. Faculty, staff and students who park in these areas must display a state issued handicap placard or plate, or a special permit issued by the Facilities Office.

Student Parking is in the north, central, and south lots in areas not designated as faculty/staff or handicapped spaces. Cars must park between painted lines, when applicable.

Faculty/Staff Parking is along East Road and in designated areas in the north, central and south lots; and on the Fire Road. Cars parked in these areas must display a BCC faculty/staff parking sticker.

Visitor Parking is for visitors only. Faculty, staff and students are prohibited from parking in visitor spaces. Vehicles parked in unauthorized spaces will be ticketed. Fines may be mailed or delivered to the Parking Clerk located in the Student Accounts Office (F-108, ext. 3042).

Unpaid fines are turned over to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and result in the inability of the violator to renew his/her driver's license and/or car registration. BCC also reserves the right to hold registration, grades, transcripts, and graduation until all fines are paid.

A complete copy of the college's parking regulations is contained in the Student Policy Guide distributed annually to all students. Copies are also available from the parking clerk.

BCC Main Campus Parking Map