Koussevitzky Art Gallery

The Koussevitzky Art Gallery (theatre lobby near the box office) is open to the public and offers exhibits by professional artists from the United States and abroad. Several shows are mounted each semester. In addition, student art work is exhibited in the Koussevitzky lobby throughout the year. Gallery hours are Monday–Friday, 9–5. 

Current Exhibit

“Inspection and Introspection” by Leo Mazzeo

September 2016

Perseverance by Leo Mazzeo“Perseverance” — oil, pumice, and acrylic on canvas (shown at right).

This work was all painted during one angst-filled, yet very creatively productive year. Densely rich in narrative, the paintings are a loosely autobiographical documentation of a tumultuous time in my life.

The work itself begins with cadmium red acrylic paint applied heavily to either canvas or cradled panel with a large house-painting brush.

The composition begins with an idea for a chapter in my personal narrative and is brought to fruition on a computer; characters are individually posed in one software program, and assembled on a barren landscape in another. The resulting image is printed out and a loose grid is ruled out on the paper.

On the red surface, a proportionately accurate grid is ruled in and a loose sketch is made with thinned oil paint. Pumice is mixed with more cadmium red acrylic paint, and brushed on in areas that will end up highlights on the finished work. I use pumice here because, well, we all look a bit rough under bright lights…

The piece is then finished with thick oil paint, generally working from dark to light.