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Here at BCC, we are proud to have many accomplished members of our community - students, faculty, staff and alumni - and want to share their stories with you.

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Student Spotlight - Edson Chipalo
Edson ChipaloProgram of Study - Human Services
 Future Plans - Attend law school      

BCC student Edson Chipalo has an unwavering determination to succeed.  Originally from Zambia, Chipalo grew up in a village without electricity or running water. Orphaned after his parents died when he was a young child, he lived with his grandparents who are subsistence farmers.                  

His childhood in Zambia was very difficult and he was often depressed. “My childhood was filled with sorrow. I was a despondent child and I did not think that I would  ever have a better future. If I could count my fallen tears — they could fill an ocean If my heart had a window — you could see all my pain and scars,” he said.



 Abu Selimuddin says that teaching is in his DNA.

Originally from Bangladesh, Selimuddin hails from a family that has always made education a priority and for more than 40 years his passion for teaching has never wavered. 

Selimuddin's early years in teaching were spent at Dhaka University in Bangladesh, McMaster University in Canada, and Northeastern University in Boston. He joined BCC in 1983 as an assistant professor. Approximately six years later he joined the economics faculty.



Katie Hickey


Peter ZanconatoYou could say that Peter Zanconato has Berkshire Community College in his blood.  Not  only is he a BCC graduate, his sister and brother are, too. His mother, Mary, works at the institution as does  his sister, Ashlee, who currently serves as an adjunct Culinary Arts instructor.