BCC Alumni Resources

The Career Development Center is happy to assist BCC alumni.  Whether you’ve obtained a certificate, completed your associate’s degree, or completed some classes at BCC, you can always access a variety of career services support that our students use to manage career transitions.

Reach your career potential by tapping into your BCC Alumni Association

Career Services and Resources

Utilize the many resources provided on the Career Development website to assist you with your resume writing, interviewing, job search and more. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact Charles Stephens to set up a phone, email, or in-person appointment by calling 413.236.1637.

Job Posting on BCC Blog

Find BCC talent by posting your open positions on our online job board. The Blog is updated frequently and once you subscribe, you can be among the first to receive updates on open positions. You may register by adding your email to the subscription registry on the main page.

Recruiting BCC Talent

As a graduate of Berkshire Community College, you have first-hand knowledge of the wide range of skills and abilities that our students possess. We are happy to work ahead of your organization’s timelines to help recruit BCC talent. See our Employer Partners section for more information on job postings and stay in the loop by joining the Career Development Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.