College Connection

Summer 2017

College Connection is Berkshire Community College's free summer transition program for new students interested in health care professions. 

College Connection is a two-week orientation program that will help you learn more about Berkshire Community College and its pathways to health related careers. It also provides you with opportunities to improve/brush up on the math and English skills you will need during your first semester and includes orientation activities that will make the transition to BCC a smooth and successful one.

When is College Connection?

August 14-17 & 21-24
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM 
Lunch and snacks are included every day.

How Do I Apply?

Email Louise Hurwitz or complete and submit the online application.

Apply Online

Why College Connection?

Take some of the worry out of starting at a new school by getting to know the BCC campus and meeting our faculty and staff—and other pre-health students. You’ll also learn time-tested study strategies, and have the opportunity to explore the many career paths a BCC education will open for you.

This program is free to all new pre-allied health students; we cover the cost of materials, plus lunches and snacks. And once you have completed the program, you’ll receive a free course voucher for any three-credit class taken in the spring.

Summer 2017 College Connection group

What's Included?

College Connection provides a variety of stimulating activities and opportunities—all free of charge to new students! You will take part in:

  • Activities designed to help you learn about the opportunities for the different health professions
  • Presentations by guest speakers
  • Hands-on medical simulation activities
  • Math refresher/prep classes
  • Writing and reading workshops
  • Team-building and study skills workshops
  • Activities to help you get to know the campus and its resources