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Campus Green Up Day

A collaborative effort between the BCC Green Team and Facilities department, the Campus Green Up is a day during which we can acknowledge the campus environment and ongoing efforts towards a more sustainable and ecologically-responsible campus, a general desire to make the campus a more attractive, and Earth Week. 


The Green Up has been scheduled for Monday, April 29th.  For the work taking place, the campus has been divided into five different work areas or zones. For each zone, we need individuals to participate in specific tasks to ‘Green Up' the campus.

We are asking people to volunteer to participate based on a preferred area on campus, time available and specific tasks. All efforts will be made to try and assign people to the area and task for which they sign up, but we're hoping that many people will sign up to offer their time and will assist wherever the work is most needed.

Why participate in the BCC Campus Green Up?

  • It will be fun.
  • It's an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air.
  • It will make the campus more attractive.
  • If you volunteer for one complete shift, you'll get a free lunch!

Note to BCC Faculty: Classes will be held on this day and all students are expected to attend scheduled classes. However, we're hoping that you can find time outside of scheduled classes to participate. (And, that you will encourage your students to get involved as well). Also, if you feel that participating in the day is a good alternative to your in-class activities, please check with your Dean to have participating in the Green Up serve as an alternative to your regularly-scheduled class meeting.

Note to BCC Staff: Please check with your supervisor before committing time during the work day to the Green Up.

Thank you and we hope you will sign up for some of the day's activities. Click here to fill out and submit a form online. If you have any questions, please contact the BCC Green Team Chair,
Charlie Kaminski, at 413-236-2105 or by email at

The BCC Green Team