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Campus Locations and Hours
Campus Locations





























Academic Advising Center

(Field Administration Building, First floor, Room F-117)

The Academic Advising Center
assists students with course selection, academic problems, and answers questions about student services. Click on link for more info.
(413) 236-1620
Hours:  8am-4pm Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. and 8am-7pm Tues.


Admissions Office

(First Floor, Field Administration Building, Room F-114)
In addition to other services, the Admissions office provides information about BCC to prospective students and helps students throughout the admissions process.

(413) 236-1630
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Assessment and Testing Center
(Second Floor, Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-213)
The Assessment and Testing Center, located off the small lobby that connects to Field Administration, administers the Learning Skills Assessment required of most incoming BCC students.
The center also serves as the Berkshire County test administration site for the GED, CLEP, TOEFL, and DANTES testing programs. Proctoring for online learning course exams, as well as make-up exams for BCC courses, is also offered.

(413) 236-1655/1656
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.



BCC Foundation

(Field Administration Building, Second  floor, Room F-230)

The BCC Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to encourage and receive gifts in support of the mission of the college.  The Foundation provides scholarships, grants and awards to deserving students; supports “value-added” activities such as conferences and hands-on experiences; supports emerging technologies and campus restoration.  The Foundation also owns the South County Center building in Great Barrington.assists students with course selection, academic problems, and answers questions about student services.
(413) 236-1620
Hours:  8am-4pm Mon. - Fri.


Berkshire Honors Scholar Center

 (Second Floor, Room H-237)

The Academic Advising Center
assists students with course selection, academic problems, and answers questions about student services. Click on link for more info.
(413) 236-1620
Hours:  8am-4pm Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. and 8am-7pm Tues.




Cafeteria/Food Services
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Lower Level of Building)
The BCC Cafeteria provides nutritionally balanced meals with a varied menu.


Center for Teaching &  Learning
(Second Floor, Rm. K-210)
The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides faculty and staff professional development programs on pedagogy, technology, and other higher education topics. CTL activities include in-service workshops, professional development days, new faculty orientation, summer institutes, travel grants, special projects and guest speakers. The Center provides advanced workstations and technical training facilities to the BCC community to support the use of new teaching tools.


College Store

(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Room A-102)
The college store primarily serves as an outlet for textbooks and materials needed for BCC day and evening classes, as well as for extension courses offered by other area colleges.
Regular Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.
Please note Summer Hours (6-11 thru 8-17): 8am-3pm Mon.-Thurs., 8am-12pm Fri.
(413) 236-3065


Community Education Office

 (Second Floor, Intermodal Education Center)


Computer Laboratories
(Field Administration Building, First Floor, Rooms F-102 and F-107)
Several computer laboratories are available to students in computer courses or courses requiring the use of computers. Lab technicians are available to help students. There is no fee for this service.

(413) 236-2165
Fall & Spring Semester Hours:              Mon.-Thurs. 7:30am-8pm; Fri. 7:30am-4pm; Sat. 9am-2pm.
Summer Semester, Through 7/30:        Mon.-Thurs. 8am-8pm; Fri.8am-4pm, closed on Sat.
 Summer Semester, Through 7/30                                              7/31-9/4:       Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm, closed on Sat.
                                                                                 Closed holidays,  Hours during semester breaks 8am - 4pm Mon.-Fri.


Conte Education Center 
(Silvio O. Conte Federal Building)
78 Center Street, Pittsfield, MA  01201

The center, suitably located in Downtown Pittsfield, includes four classrooms featuring interactive white boards, a computer lab and Wi-Fi Access, a student lounge, and a community conference room. Air-conditioning now available for the Summer.

For more information, call Phylene Farrell, Director of Off-Campus Sites, at 413-236-5201 or 800-816-1233 (in Mass. only), (413) 236-5201.



Development Office
(Field Administration Building, Room F-215)
The office of Development administers fundraising activities, such as an annual campaign, in support of the college’s mission. The office also directs the publication of the BCC News, a periodic alumni newsletter.

(413) 236-2188
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri. 



Field Administration Center

In addition to most of the college's executive and other administrative offices, the Field Administration Center houses the: Academic Advising Center, Admissions Office, Computer Laboratories, Financial Aid Office, IT Help Desk, Registrar's Office, Student Billing Ofiice, Student Success Center, and the Trio Office & Learning Center.


Financial Aid Office
(Field Administration Building, Room F-122)
The office of Financial Aid provides (1) counseling about educational expenses and (2) assistance in obtaining aid from various funding sources. (413) 236-1644
Hours: 8am-4pm  Mon.-Fri.


Fitness Center
The Paterson Fitness Center is a fully equipped exercise and strength training facility. The center is open to BCC students, faculty and staff at no cost. The general public is charged a minimal fee. Paid exercise prescription programs are held several times a year.

(413) 236-1670
Hours: 7am-8pm  Mon.-Thurs.  7am-6pm Fri.


Food Services
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center - Lower level)
The BCC Cafeteria provides nutritionally balanced meals with a varied menu.

(413) 236-3045
Hours: 7:30am-2:30pm, daily (when classes are in session)



Hawthorne Hall

In addition to classrooms, laboratories and faculty offices, Hawthorne Hall houses the following locations: Berkshire Honors Scholar Center (Second Floor, Rm. H-237), Project Link Office (Second Floor, Rm. H-208A), and the Tech Prep Transitions Office (Career Vocational Linkage Initiative, Second Floor, Rm. H-215).


Immunization Records & Allied Health Medical Records Office 
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Upper Level, A-100)
This office maintains the official BCC Immunization Requirement Form that students must complete and turn in before the first day of classes. Students may drop off medical records, authorize sending records to another location, or obtain a copy for their own use. 

(413) 236-1614
Hours: 9am-1pm, Mon.-Fri.
By appointment after 1:00 pm


Intermodal Education Center

(413) 236-2127        


IT Help Desk
(Field Administration Building, First Floor, Rm. F-105)
The IT Help Desk provides first-level technical support to all faculty, staff and students of BCC. We are committed to assisting the computer and telecommunication needs of all employees and students by providing detailed resolutions and general system information for common problems.

Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. For more information, contact or 413-236-3004.

Jonathan Edwards Library
The Jonathan Edwards Library (see ) welcomes the BCC community and members of the general public. It provides information resources, services, and equipment as well as a pleasant environment for research, study, tutoring, and quiet relaxation. Enhancements include a revamped, multi-use library instruction area as well as more seating options for group and individual study. For additional information, see "Library Resources and Services"

(413) 236-2150
Hours: Classes in Session: 8:00am-8pm Mon.-Thurs.; 8:00am-4pm Fri.
                 Intersession:          8:00am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Koussevitzky Art Gallery
(Theatre Lobby near Box Office)
The Koussevitzky Art Gallery, which is open to the public, offers exhibits by professional artists from the United States and abroad. Several shows are mounted each semester. In addition, student artwork is exhibited in the Koussevitzky lobby throughout the year.

(413) 236-4702
Hours: 9am-5pm Mon.-Fri. 

Language Laboratory
(1st Floor, Melville Hall, Room M-112)
The Language Laboratory is an important resource for the BCC community. You can access the Internet, take advantage of computer assisted instruction, watch videos, films, and television, read magazines and books, sharpen listening and speaking skills, and consult with instructors and peers - in your language(s) of choice.

The Language Lab is also a study lounge. You don't have to be a language student to take advantage of this quiet, comfortable, welcoming space.

(413) 236-4615
Hours: 8am-2pm Mon.-Fri.


Lifelong Learning Office
(Field Administration Building, Room F-126)
The office of LifeLong Learning develops, coordinates and implements the college's noncredit initiatives.

(413) 236-2123
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Mon.-Fri. 


Math Laboratory
(Koussevitzky Arts Center, 2nd floor, Room K-214)
The Math Laboratory, located on the south end of the building nearest the library, offers self-paced, individualized, math modules for students intimidated by regular mathematics courses and/or for students needing developmental work in math.

(413) 236-4558
Open during the semester
Hours: 8am-2:15pm Mon. & Wed.; 8am-2:45pm Tues. & Thurs; 8am-1pm Fri.; 9am-12pm Sat.
Evenings: 5:30pm-8:30pm Mon., Tues., Thurs.


Media Center
(Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-207)
The Ahlin Media Center, located off the small lobby that connects to Field Administration, provides audiovisual and other services for the college.

(413) 236-2162    Mon.-Fri.  8am -3:30pm

(413) 236-2163    Mon.-Fri.  After 3:30pm
Hours: 8am-7pm   Mon.-Thurs.

Hours: 8am-3:30pm   Fri.  


Nature Trail
Click on link, or see below at "Ralph Hoffmann Environmental Center."

The John Lambert Nature Trail


Norman Rockwell Early Childhood Center
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Lower level, Room A-G12)
The Norman Rockwell Early Childhood Center offers childcare services for the children of BCC students, faculty and staff.

(413) 236-3060 or 3061
Hours: 7:15am-5:15pm Mon.-Fri.


North County Classes

To better serve students who live or work in northern Berkshire county or southern Vermont, BCC offers classes during the spring and fall semesters at the Charles H. McCann Vocational Technical High School in North Adams.

Registration for north county classes may be completed on BCC's main campus or during special registration sessions in north county. For more information, call Phylene Farrell, Director of Off-Campus Sites, at 413-236-5201 or 800-816-1233 (in Mass. only), (413) 236-5201.


Paterson Field House
The Paterson Field House (see ) maintains an Astroturf gymnasium and basketball court for indoor activities; as well as several athletic playing fields and a 5K cross-country course. Lockers are available for students who must provide their own locks. All facilities are open when their use does not interfere with college activities.

(413) 236-1670
Hours: 7am-8pm Mon.-Thurs.  7am-6pm Fri. 


Project Connect Office
(Koussevitzky, Room K-213E)
The Project Connect office, located off the small lobby that connects to Field Administration, helps graduating seniors from Berkshire County high schools make the transition to BCC.

(413) 236-4714 or 4715
Hours: no set hours for this office


Project Link Office
(Second floor, Hawthorne Hall, Room H-208A)
The Project Link office provides courses, advising and educational skills training to prepare GED and ESL students to enter BCC degree and certificate programs.

(413) 236-2175
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Ralph Hoffmann Environmental Center
The Ralph Hoffmann Environmental Center (
see ) is the focal point for environmental programs and activities. Built in 1976 and renovated in 2012, the center houses a lecture room, laboratories, seminar area, student lounge, and several work areas. Special features of the Environmental Center include:

The John Lambert Nature Trail: Located behind the Ralph Hoffmann Environmental Center, the nature trail wanders through open fields and woodlands. Numbered posts along the way indicate points of natural significance.

Renewable Energy Training Center: 

Constructed as part of Center renovations in 2012, the Renewable Energy Training Center is a classroom and laboratory space designed specifically for credit and non-credit classes and workshops on renewable energies such as solar, wind and geothermal.

(413) 236-4503
Hours: 7:30am-8pm (unless there is a class scheduled for later)


Registrar's Office
(Field Administration Building, First Floor, Room F-111)
The primary responsibility of the Registrar’s office is to maintain official academic records for each past and present BCC student. Click link for more info.

(413) 236-2137

When evening classes are in session:
8 am-7pm Mon.-Thurs.
8 am-4 pm Fri.

When evening classes are not in session and between semesters, the office is open:
8 am-4 pm Mon.-Fri


Renewable Energy Training Center 

(Ralph Hoffmann Environmental Center)      


Robert M. Boland Theatre
(Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-110)
The Boland Theatre is the largest stage house in western Massachusetts. In addition to BCC and community theatre productions, the facility hosts numerous concerts, dance performances, and other special events each year.



Service Learning Office
The office of Service Learning initiates and facilitates service-learning opportunities for BCC students related to their program of study.

(413) 236-2175


South County Center

(343 Main St. Great Barrington, MA)

(413) 236-5201  Add content from catalog (additional contact numbers)   


Student Billing Office
(Field Administration Building, First Floor, Room F-108)
The Student Billing office prepares student bills and collects required payments.

(413) 236-3042
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Student Development Center
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Upper Level, Room A-107)
The Student Development Center, located down the hall from the college bookstore, provides various free services, transfer and personal counseling; as well as personal growth workshops, and specialized support services for students with disabilities. For more information, see "Career Services" and "Disability Resource Center."

(413) 236-1605
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Student Life Office
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Room A-118)  

The office of Student Life is the center of student activity at BCC. It helps plan and administer a wealth of opportunities for social, cultural, recreational, and personal enjoyment and enrichment. Students are invited to bring ideas for new programs and activities to Student Life staff.

Student activities are planned with all members of the BCC community in mind. In addition to regularly scheduled events, students may also participate in trips to Washington, Boston and New York; lectures by special guests, recreation clinics, video or movie programs and coffee house entertainment.

Students are encouraged to check the BCC Calendar of Events distributed at the beginning of each semester, campus bulletin boards, Weekly Stall, Student email, My BCC, and with the office of Student Life for current information.
(413) 236-1660
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Student Lounge
(Susan B. Anthony Student Center, Upper Level) 
The Student Lounge provides an atmosphere that encourages full enjoyment of the social aspects of college life, and is the central meeting place for students and their friends. Activities range from movies to lectures to live entertainment. Students also use the lounge to study and relax.

(413) 236-1660
Hours: 7:30am-8pm (unless there's an event scheduled)


Student Success Center
(Field Administration Building, First Floor, Room F-118)
The Student Success Center is committed to helping students achieve academic success. Students are encouraged to visit the center either on a walk-in basis, or as a referral from an instructor.

(413) 236-1625
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.


Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Center/Annex
The Susan B. Anthony Center houses the following offices and services:
College Store (Upper Level, Rm. A-210), Cafeteria/Food Services (Lower Level of Building),Immunization Records & Allied Health Medical Records Office (Upper Level, Rm. A-100), Norman Rockwell Early Childhood Center (Lower Level, Rm. A-G12), Student Life Office (Upper Level, Rm. A-118), Student Development Center (Upper Level, Rm. A-107), and the Student Lounge (Upper Level of Building).


Swimming Pool

(Paterson Field House, East Side of Building)




Tech Prep Transitions Office

(Career Vocational Linkage Initiative, Hawthorne Second Floor, Room H-215)

The Tech Prep office at BCC works with high school Tech Prep site coordinators, guidance counselors and faculty to provide a smooth transition for high school students into their postsecondary program of choice.

(413) 236-2180
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri. 


Tennis Courts

(Paterson Field House, West Side of Building)


Transfer Services
The Transfer Office, located in the Student Development Center, provides information and assistance for students planning to transfer to another college or university. The office also maintains specific transfer arrangements through the Massachusetts Transfer Compact and through articulation agreements with numerous colleges and universities.


TRIO Office & Learning Center (Talent, Resources, Initiative, Opportunity)
(Second Floor, Rm. F-237)
The TRIO Office provides "one-on-one" support services to help eligible students develop an educational plan.

(413) 236-1680
Hours: 8am - 4pm Mon.-Fri.


Tutorial Center
(2nd floor, Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-214)
The Tutorial Center provides peer and professional tutoring; information on study skills; and drop-in Help Centers in such areas as Mathematics and Writing. This center is an important support service to students at BCC.

(413) 236-1650 or 1651
Hours: 8am-4pm Mon.-Fri.