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Due to impending weather, Berkshire Community College will be closed Wednesday, November 26th. Classes will be held the evening of November 25th.

Financial Literacy Programming at BCC

Ever wished you had a money coach to help you make better decisions about spending, saving and borrowing money? Now you do! BCC has partnered with American Student Assistance, a nonprofit, to provide $ALT-a unique financial literacy program and member services to help students and alumni become money savvy for life. BCC is offering this program to students for free as a supplement to their college curriculum.

With $ALT, students can enjoy benefits such as:

  • An engaging take on financial education
  • Help finding scholarships, internships, and jobs
  • Exclusive deals and discounts to help save and spend smart
  • Student loan advice from experts

Visit to sign up and list BCC as your school to access exclusive benefits. For more information. contact the Financial Aid Office.

BCC Financial Aid $ALT Scholarships
  • Open to all BCC students
  • Activate $ALT Membership at:  
  • Complete 3 My Money 101 Lessons
  • Complete Scholarship Search
  • Write an Essay: "Why is Financial Literacy Important to College Students?"
  • Award Amount:  $500
  • Deadline: April 15, 2015
  • For more information, click here