Physical Therapist Assistant

Program Advisor: Michele Darroch,  P.T., MEd, D.P.T.   (413) 236-4525

The PTA program at Berkshire Community College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email: ; website:

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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) provides a unique form of medical treatment, where science and art become one, and patients are given  individualized care. PTA is deeply rooted in scientific knowledge and theory. But, it is the personal interactions with patients, family members, and other health care providers that require creativity and flexibility on the therapist's part.

PTAs work in diverse settings which include hospitals, private PT practices, community health agencies, schools, pediatric facilities, nursing homes, industrial or corporate health facilities and rehabilitation centers. It is the diversity that makes the field of physical therapy interesting and enticing for many students.  Program graduates are eligible to take the national examination to become licensed PTAs.

Transferring to PT School

BCC has transfer agreements with American International College and Russell Sage College that provide an opportunity for BCC's PTA graduates to continue their education in physical therapy programs at either school. For more information, contact Michele Darroch, P.T., MEd, D.P.T., director of BCC's PTA program.  

Admission Requirements

Students must submit an application and a Physical Therapist Assistant Matriculation form. Students who meet all admission requirements are accepted into the PTA program on a space available basis. Those who do not initially qualify for the program may become eligible through BCC's Health Science program in the Pre-PTA.

  Students who meet all admission requirements are accepted in the PTA program on a space available basis at any time. Those who do not initially qualify for the program may become eligible through BCC's Liberal Arts program in Pre-PTA.    The sequence of PTA courses begins in the fall semester on a cyclical basis. The next cycle begins in 2015. Interested students are urged to consult the program advisor and to work on prerequisites and required courses  during semesters when PTA courses are not offered. Admission requirements include:

  • completion of ENG 020 and ENG 060, if applicable;   
  • completion of MAT 029 or MAT 029C (Math 800 series) or MAT 136, if applicable;   
  • completion within 5 years of current application, college level Biology or Anatomy and Physiology with a "C" or better or completion of a high school biology course, with a "C" or better, that qualifies the student to take BIO 201.
  • graduation from high school with an average of "B" (80%) or ranked in the upper third of the graduating class; or completion of a minimum of 10 credits of college-level PTA support courses with a grade C or better;
  • completion of 20 hours of documented clinical observation in a physical therapy setting.

BCC will not admit students concurrently into any two of the following degree or certificate programs: Physical Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Care, LPN or nursing.

Upon completion of all admission requirements, students wishing to enter the program must complete a matriculation form.

Expected Outcomes

Graduates of this program should be able to demonstrate:  

  • entry level knowledge in all aspects of the PTA curriculum, demonstrated by completion of all didactic course work with a "C" or better;    
  • competency skills that are entry level and comparable to that of other entry level PTAs, demonstrated through competency and practical testing, and clinical performance indicators;
  • professional behaviors including being self-assured, adaptable, legal, ethical and service-oriented. These will be demonstrated  through practical testing, service projects, the capstone project and final clinical education experience.

Three-year Program Student Outcomes  (2010-2013)*   

Graduates of this program should be able to demonstrate:

  • Graduation rate - 75.6%
  • Licensure examination pass rate - 96.9%
  • Employment rate - 100%

 *2011-2013 represents one graduating class