Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling is located in the Student Support Center in the Susan B. Anthony Building (next to the Student Lounge).

Phone: 413-236-1609 or 413-236-1605
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Want to Schedule an Appointment?

  • Call Lisa Mattila, LMHC, Personal Counselor at 413-236-1609; or
  • Mary Zanconato, Administrative Assistant at 413-236-1660; or
  • Come to the Student Support Center.

Need Help Now?

If you are on campus, you are welcome to come to the Student Support Center (SBA) or call Security at 413-499-4660, EXT. 6100.

If you are off-campus or the center is closed and you are in crisis, you can call the following numbers 24-7:

  • Berkshire County Crisis Team: 413-499-0412 or 1-800-252-0227
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
    • Call 1-800-273-8255
    • Text START to 741-741
  • Berkshire Medical Center: 413-447-2000 or 911 (if an emergency)
  • Crisis Text: “ANSWER” to 839863
  • Veterans Crisis Line:
  • Elizabeth Freeman Center (support for domestic violence or sexual assault): 1-866-401-2425

Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling can help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings and work through what is troubling you.  Services provided are: assessment, psychological counseling and referrals. Counseling is a collaborative process, which builds upon your strengths and is provided by a Licensed Counselor. Your values and choices will be respected and what you share is confidential (except in rare circumstances where safety is a concern) and privileged. By developing resiliency and new perspectives, you will be more able to return to focusing on your academic studies.

Although unique to each student, some of the issues addressed are:

  • Adjustment to college
  • Stress
  • Identity concerns
  • Relationship issues
  • Persistent sadness or depression
  • Feelings of anxiety or test-anxiety
  • Concerns about alcohol or substance-use
  • Referrals to community resources or on-campus support

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Community Resources for Mental Health Issues & Wellness

Resources in Berkshire County

View resources in Berkshire County HERE.

Helpful websites

Online Screening
Mental health issues can affect you or those around you. This screening can provide information in recognizing symptoms and how to access help. This could be your first step in getting back your life.

Mass Help
Connects people to the help they need. Serving all of Massachusetts, Mass 2-1-1 connects people with community, health and disaster services through a free 24/7 stigma-free phone service and searchable database.

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students
This resource provides college students with quality information on maintaining good mental health and helps with identifying mental health issues.

On-Line Resource for College Mental Health
Your confidential resource for college mental health and substance-abuse information. Learn more about how to protect your own emotional health and what to do if you or a friend is struggling.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
The leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy, and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide.

The Jed Foundation
The Jed Foundation works to reduce emotional distress and prevent suicide among college students. They provide resources and work to reduce the stigma students have when asking for help.

National Institute of Mental Health 
Learn about mental health issues you or a friend might be struggling with. Mental health diagnoses are listed to help you identify specific symptoms you are experiencing. Information from anxiety to suicide is available.

Substance Use & Addiction Issues

Alcohol Screening 
Learn about alcohol and health, how to recognize a problem and determine what low-risk drinking is.

National Institute for Drug-Abuse 
Lists all effects of all substances, clinical trial information and has links to other pertinent websites

Substance Abuse and Mental Health 
Become informed about substances, treatment programs, and campaigns addressing the needs of every age group.

Violence Against Women & Sexual Assault Prevention

Jane Doe Inc. 
The Massachusetts Coalition against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Jane Doe Inc. brings together organizations and people committed to ending all violence against women.

Prevent Connect
Prevention Connection is a national on-line project dedicated to the primary prevention of violence against women.

Note: Information found on these websites should not be considered official Berkshire Community College information. While we hope that you will find these websites helpful, you should know the information, views and opinions contained within them are strictly those of the authors.