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According to college policy, students must attend every class meeting; however, it is recognized that circumstances sometimes make this impossible. For this reason, the number of absences in a course during one semester must not exceed the number of hours the class meets a week. In an online course, students must log in and participate on a weekly basis.

If the instructor believes that class absences have impaired the student's learning and performance, or if a student in an online course has not logged in and participated for more than one week, the student may be withdrawn from the class with a grade of W, WP or WF, depending on the student's academic standing and date in the semester.

When a student must be absent from class for a week or more, the student should contact the Vice President for Student Affairs. For absences of less than a week for illness or other emergencies, the student should discuss the absence with the instructor as soon as possible before returning to class. A course syllabus may provide more information regarding absences.

Every student is responsible for the content and assignments in every class session, regardless of the reason for missing the class. Traditionally, students remain in class for 10 minutes, after which, if the instructor has not arrived, the class may be considered to be canceled.

Change of Program

Students may elect to change their program of study. To initiate this procedure, students should schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center or at the South County Center in Great Barrington.

Leave of Absence

Students whose personal circumstances require a temporary interruption of college study may apply for a leave of absence for one or two semesters. A student who is granted a leave of absence is considered a continuing member of the college

community, with records, academic advisor, campus privileges, and current academic requirements retained. Readmission to course study is automatic upon registration.