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BCC welcomes transfer-in students, including Veterans with prior military training and/or experience. Applicants requesting transfer of previous college experience to BCC must provide BCC with official college transcripts from their previous schools. Official transcripts are also needed to meet the admission requirements for Nursing and Allied Health. Official high school transcripts are also required.

International transcripts must be reviewed by an external evaluation service. Contact the Coordinator of Admissions (Ext. 1631) for more information. BCC may grant credit from regionally accredited institutions where a grade of "C" (2.000) or better has been earned and where the course content parallels the requirements in a student's program at BCC. Students may also request the granting of credit for transfer courses that are not degree requirements if the courses can be applied toward completion of the MassTransfer block provided the credits are added to the BCC transcript prior to graduation.

Transfer students planning to graduate from BCC may not account for more than one half of a program's graduation credit require­ments by transfer, credit by exam, prior learning experiences, or any combination of these.


BCC students may receive credit for educational experiences outside the traditional college setting. Students interested in qualifying for any of the options described below should consult the department, faculty member, or other advisor overseeing the testing or assessing of the educational experience. To be eligible, students must be matriculated (accepted in a program of study). Most options require payment of tuition and fees for the credits earned.

Students may not account for more than one half of their program's graduation requirements with credits earned by transfer, examination, prior learning experiences, or any combination of these.

In addition, students must make sure that the official transcripts and scores necessary for determining advanced standing are sent to the Admissions Office.


Evening students who wish to enroll in a program of study should apply through the Admissions Office. Degree programs that can be completed entirely through evening study are Business Admin- istration, Business Careers, Fire Science, and Liberal Arts.

Other programs may require a combination of day and evening study. Online courses also serve as an important resource in completing a program.

Challenge Assessments

Challenge assessments allow students to receive credit, but no grade, for selected BCC courses listed in the BCC catalog. Students pass an exam that shows proficiency in the subject matter of the course. Students file this documentation in the Registrar's Office. The faculty member who offers the course and the department chair must approve the granting of credit. Students must have declared their major. Application forms for challenge assessments are available from the Registrar's Office.

National Standardized Tests

Credit is also granted for certain scores on national standardized tests. Students must score 3 or above on an advanced placement exam designed to assess college level work at a secondary school. Check with high school guidance counselors for scheduling.

Students taking the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) must score within the nationally recognized norms to earn credit. Scores of (47%) percent or above are required for tests of the Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support program (DANTES). Check with the Assessment and Testing Center (Ext. 1655/1656) for scheduling and requirements. In some instances, additional requirements must be met before credit will be awarded.

Prior Life Learning Experience

A maximum of 8 credits for two classes may be awarded for life experience gained outside an academic environment. Letters of recommendation, a portfolio, artwork, seminars, licenses, and other similar documentation are required for "proof-of-experience." Non- collegiate training may also receive credit. This includes various training and refresher courses offered by business, industry, service agencies, the Armed Forces, and the government. Students must provide diplomas, certificates, and other evidence of instruction. Credit is not automatic; each request is evaluated separately. For more information, students should consult the Advanced Standing Coordinator (Ext. 1631).