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  Fine Arts
  Course Catalog Offerings
  FAS-103  Printmaking I
  FAS-111  Drawing I
  FAS-113  Printmaking II
  FAS-114  Landscape Painting
  FAS-115  Digital Photography
  FAS-120  Drawing II
  FAS-123  Two-Dimensional Design I
  FAS-124  Three-Dimensional Design I
  FAS-125  Three-Dimensional Design II
  FAS-138  The Art of Faux Painting
  FAS-144  Digital Imaging with Photoshop
  FAS-156  Art and Culture of Asia
  FAS-157  Introduction to Studio Art
  FAS-163  Two-Dimensional Design II
  FAS-171  Pre-Renaissance Art History
  FAS-172  Renaissance to Modern Art History
  FAS-173  Twentieth Century Art History
  FAS-210  Fundamentals of Painting
  FAS-222  Advanced Studio Art
  FAS-225  Figure Drawing
  FAS-240  Intermediate Painting
  FAS-242  Computer Illustration
  FAS-245  Watercolor Painting
  FAS-246  Watercolor Painting II
  FAS-297  Special Topics in Visual Arts