Get Help Paying for BCC

Before You Apply

 When You Apply

 After You Apply
  •  What is financial aid?
  •  What's a FAFSA?
  •  What's next?
  •  How can I qualify for aid?
  •  When should I file my FAFSA?
  •  How will I know how much aid I got?
  •  What types of aid could I get?
  •  What information will I need to file my FAFSA?
  •  How do I get my money?
  •  How much aid can I get?
  •  What common mistakes should I avoid on my FAFSA?
  •  How do I get my books?
  •  How do I apply for aid?
  •  How do I know if I'm independent?
  •  How do I pay my bill?
  •  Why do I need a PIN?
  •  Can I get help filing my FAFSA?
  •  Is there a catch to getting and keeping my financial aid?
  •  What financial aid terms do I need to know about?
  •  What other forms of financial assistance can I apply for?