Networking (Certificate)

BCC Networking and Cybersecurity student working on a desktop computer

Networking Program Overview

The Networking Certificate Option of the Computer Information Systems program of study is designed to provide a foundation set of skills to begin a successful career in computer networking. The coursework will introduce the student to skills used throughout the Information Technology (IT) field, but will culminate with obtaining competencies oriented to becoming an entry-level technician. This program can lead to an industry certification and is the gateway to achieve higher level computer networking certifications or academic degrees. Graduates will also have 26 credits toward the Computer Information Systems — Networking Option A.S. degree.

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Apply fundamental concepts of programming languages and software development to solve a diverse array of problems and recognize these concepts in different languages;
    • Depending on the elective track:
      • Analyze business problems through data analysis;
      • Create viable solutions through the use of technology;
      • li>
      • Apply computer and networking methods, procedures and principles, and use equipment and software for the purpose of installing, troubleshooting and maintaining LANs (local area networks);
    • Communicate clearly, accurately and succinctly through written and verbal means; and
    • Transition into the Computer Information Systems A.S. degree program with either the networking or science option.