What makes Berkshire Community College a vibrant and diverse community? It’s the people. Our Spotlights are a collection of articles featuring members of the BCC Community – showcasing their successes, struggles, history and experiences.


Jose Alfredo Cruz's Spotlight Photo
  • Student Spotlight
  • Jose Alfredo Cruz

  • Business Administration
  • Jose Alfredo Cruz had a secret aspiration before he even officially enrolled at Berkshire Community College. The 28-year-old, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, Cruz is the first in his family to go to college. After graduating high school, he moved to Wilmington, N.C. He later relocated to the Berkshires where he has relatives.
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Peter Zaconato's Spotlight Photo
  • Alumni Spotlight
  • Peter Zanconato

  • Class of 2003
  • You could say that Peter Zanconato has Berkshire Community College in his blood. Not only is he a BCC graduate, his sister and brother are, too. His mother, Mary, works at the institution as does his sister, Ashlee, who currently serves as an adjunct Culinary Arts instructor.
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Gary Bradway Spotlight Photo
  • Faculty Spotlight
  • Gary Bradway

  • Professor of Engineering and Technology
  • When Gary Bradway was a child his father, an electrician, would tell him that when he got older he should "work with his head." He took this advice to heart.
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Club Sports Photo
  • Clubs & Organizations Spotlight
  • Club Sports

  • Berkshire Community College has several club sports teams including: cross country running, basketball and soccer.
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Eleanore Velez's Photo
  • Staff Spotlight
  • Eleanore Velez

  • Admissions Counselor and Coordinator of the Multicultural Center at BCC
  • Eleanore Velez, an admissions counselor and coordinator of the Multicultural Center at Berkshire Community College (BCC), is passionate about education.
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