Undergraduate Scholars Conference

Undergrad ConferenceCelebrating BCC Students' Works

December 15,
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
The Connector

Submissions were due by November 27, 2017.


The BCC Undergraduate Scholars Conference seeks to celebrate student work of exceptional merit. The conference will feature student presentations on original scholarly works that go above and beyond classroom assignments. Students may choose to present in a traditional slide format (PowerPoint, video slides, etc.) or a poster presentation.

This year's Undergraduate Scholars topics include:

  • Soncere Williams-Enhancing the Future of American Youth Through SEL Education
  • Fanny Lissette Ariza Corredor-Gelatin-Based Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
  • Emily Mountz-Shaken or Stirred: The Effects of Breast Milk Preparation on Protein Levels
  • Jessica Levy-Bioluminescence: A Pilot Study Investigating the Growth and Proliferation of Panellus Stipticus
  • Michaela Larkin-Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Ken Conlow Jr.-Black Waters of Doubt: Historical Events Transformed into a Graphic Novel of High Adventure
  • Brittany Czarnecki-The Code of Ethics
  • Adam Karofsky-Animal Sacrifice and How it Connects to the Santeria Religion
  • S Deming, K Lauzon, C McMahon, A Mulligan, L Nunez, H Quenneville-Hardy Kiwi
  • Jacob Cum-Charley's Fund
  • Sophie Shrum-Service Learning at Monument Valley Regional Middle School
  • Jahaira Camer-No 'Werk' Without Pay: How Reality TV Stars Are Pillaging House/Ballroom Culture
  • Marco Moreno-An Exploration of the Links Between the Harlem Riot of 1935 and the Ferguson Riots of 2014
  • Sarah Cicchetti-Determining the Origins of Commercial Seafoods Using DNA Barcoding
  • Natalia Whalen-Comparing the Old Schools of Epic Poetry
  • Darwin MacDonald-Biotech on a Budget
  • Emma Barile, Matilda Brule-Culinary Presentation