Faculty Role


Faculty at Undergrad

When it will take place?

The conference is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, December 15, 2017, which is the last day of classes.

Important Dates: Students will submit an abstract the Monday after Thanksgiving to be considered. Acceptance to the conference will be sent out the following week.

 Student Application

The BCC Undergraduate Scholars Conference seeks to celebrate student work of exceptional merit. The conference will feature student presentations on original scholarly works that go above and beyond classroom assignments. Students may choose to present in a traditional slide format (PowerPoint, video slides, etc.) or a poster presentation (trifold poster).

Your role as Faculty

Faculty are tasked with identifying students that they feel would be a good fit for the conference. They would then “Sponsor” a student scholar and oversee her project. Faculty may sponsor one student for slide presentations and one student for poster presentations only (for a total of two). Exceptions may be made in the instance that additional spaces become available.

Format of the conference

  1. The day will begin with a plenary, featuring opening remarks and a guest speaker (an alumnus who has completed exceptional scholarly work in her field).
  2. The conference will then break into smaller concurrent sessions where students giving slide presentations will share their work in 15 minute slots (with time left for a Q&A).
  3. Following the slide presentations, the conference will convene in the Connector building where students who have chosen the poster presentation format will present their work.
  4. Reception: The event includes a reception during the poster presentation so that guests can nibble and sip as they work their way around the room to engage the student presenters.
  • What’s in it for the student?

    They will have the experience of taking part in an academic-style conference, which we believe will be a memorable experience for all those who participate. They will be able to share the hard work they have done with the community and will be able to put this on their resume for transfer applications. It is also our hope that they will bring their presentation to the larger statewide honors scholarship conference in April, or attend to take in its many offerings!

  • Our plea to you, the faculty

    The conference is relying on you to identify students and to encourage them to apply. You are the gatekeepers, and we will leave it to your best judgment to choose suitable applicants. Please help us to make this a continued success.

  • The Process 

    Ideally, you would begin approaching potential students in September to discuss possible projects. By October, their willingness to participate and apply could be confirmed. At the end of November they would submit their abstract, and by mid-December they would present their project at the conference.
  • Student Abstract

    Students will be writing an abstract of their project, which should be no longer than 250 words. Guidelines and tips for writing this abstract can be found on the application website. Your mentorship in crafting the abstract is appreciated and expected, though the responsibility should also fall on the student to do the majority of the work. Please point them toward the Writing Center, for additional help.
  • Note of caution: Students must have a faculty sponsor to apply. Your belief in the student’s ability to perform at a high level is crucial. We have not opened this up to general applications because we are relying on you to find the students who would be a good fit.