Medical Interpreter Training

Medical Interpreter

What is a Medical Interpreter?

A medical interpreter is someone who can break language barriers by using their linguistic skills to provide medical interpreting services to patients and medical professionals.

This program provides hybrid (classroom and online) instruction. During this course participants build on interpreting skills, acquire knowledge specific to anatomy and psychology, develop terminology focused on the human body and much more. Participants must be fluent in both English and a second language.

Medical Interpreter Training Schedule

  • Enrolling for Fall 2024

Assessment Exams*

  • TBD

*All assessments are completed remotely.

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Potential Careers

  • Community Interpreters
  • Conference Interpreters
  • Educational Interpreters
  • Escort Interpreters
  • Health or Medical Interpreters
  • Liaison Interpreters
  • Mental Health Interpreters
  • Legal or Judicial Interpreters

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any pre-requisites for the course?

    Yes. In order to participate, you must first successfully complete a language assessment to determine if you are able to complete the course successfully.

  • What languages does the program cover?

    The language offered is Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Hatian Creole. Other languages are available with a minimum of three participants and subject to language coach availability (French, Swahili, Arabic, Nepali, Russian, Cape Verdean, Khmer, Vietnamese, Burmese).

  • What if my language is not listed?

    Please send us an inquiry with the language you would like to have covered to see if we are able to accommodate.

  • Where are classes held?

    Classes can be attended on either the BCC campus or online via Zoom.