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Our BCC Entrepreneurship Certificate focuses on teaching students the fundamentals that will help them create a sustainable successful business. Coursework will help develop an entrepreneurial mindset and understand entrepreneurial finance, small business management, marketing, and legal issues for small business owners.

The BCC Entrepreneurship certificate program will provide students with a strong set of Business courses that will give them the skills they need to start a business or launch a new idea or concept. Courses will focus on Management, Marketing, Accounting, Business Law, Communications and Economics.

For additional program details, including expected outcomes and graduation requirements, see the BCC College Catalog

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Entrepreneurship is a strong backbone of Berkshire County. This brand-new one-year program beginning in Fall 2021 will support the development of businesses and business ideas within the Berkshire community and beyond.

The certificate offers key conceptual knowledge and fundamental principles of entrepreneurial and small business principles. You will:

  • Develop the skills and aptitude that are essential for being an entrepreneur.
  • Learn to define your goals as an entrepreneur.
  • Learn how to identify business opportunity and make the most of your ideas.
  • Understand the process of establishing a working business model.
  • Learn various business operations that form the life cycle of each business.
  • Create a mindset needed to embark your entrepreneurial path.

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