Burke's Fitness Battle

What is Burke's Fitness Battle

Burke's Fitness Battle is a team-based challenge that will help you stay active and hopefully build your sense of community at BCC! Burke's Fitness Battle is open to BCC students, faculty, and staff. 

The Battle is live - time to get moving! 


  • Battle begins on February 27th and runs until April 23rd.
  • Burke's Fitness Battle is open to BCC students, faculty, and staff
  • Teams can have a maximum of 4 members
  • Teams get a point for every day a member of their team logs a fitness activity
  • All activity for the week must be logged by Monday at Noon
  • Teams can get bonus points each week (see scoring below)
  • The week runs Monday through Sunday
  • Team scores will be updated on the Paterson webpage each Monday afternoon
  • Prize announcements coming soon! 
  • Each team member can get 1 point a day by logging a fitness activity (see examples of activity below)
  • Each team can get 1 extra point per week by taking a photo of at least two teammates doing something active together 
  • Team that has the most teammates in their photos during 8 weeks of the Battle will win Burke's Spirit Award
    (Tie breaker will be Burke's Activity of the Week attendance)
  • Team members can get one additional point by attending Burke's Activity of the Week. Activity of the week will be posted on the Paterson website Friday night
  • It should be noted a select few of Burke's Activities of the Week will only be open to BCC Students

Activity is anything active that is a minimum thirty minutes in duration.  Here are some examples of acceptable activity:

  • 30 minute walk
  • 30 minute hike
  • Weight Lifting 20 minutes, Exercise Bike 20 minutes
  • Pickleball
  • Shoveling for 30 minutes
  • Yoga Class
  • First Prize Options:
    • Fitbit Inspire 2 Activity Tracker
    • $75 Elle Day Spa Gift Card
    • $75 Family Footwear Gift Card
  • Second Price Options $35 Gift Card to:
    • Amazon
    • Guido's 
    • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Third Place 
    • T-Shirt


Wander Women

Burke's Activities of the Week: 
Week 1: Outdoor Winter Activity
Week 2: Central Rock Gym - Friday 3/10
Week 3: Visit a Local Park
Week 4: Paterson to Campus Walk
Week 5: Campus Hike - Noon Wednesday OR 1:00pm Thursday - Meet in the Connector! 
Week 6: Tabata Tuesday with Michael Carnevale 
Week 7: Adventure Program Hike
Week 8: Attend Relaxation Techniques at Paterson
Dean Team is the Dream Team
Spring 2023
The "A" Team 138
The Commitments 131
Wander Women 123
Dean Team is the Dream Team 121
TRIO Trailblazers 107
A - B - Ombs 78
Fast Friends 79
Fighting Falcons 74
Agents of BCC 47
Let That Sink In 33


TRIO Trailblazers