Governing Organizations

Various levels of organizations, from state to students, are involved in governance of Berkshire Community College. These organizations include the following:

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education is the staff to the 13-member Board of Higher Education, responsible for executing the Board's polices and day-to-day operations.

"The Board of Higher Education is the statutorily created agency in Massachusetts responsible for defining the mission of and coordinating the Commonwealth's system of public higher education and its institutions. The Board of Higher Education works to create and maintain a system of public higher education which provides Massachusetts citizens with the opportunity to participate in academic and educational programs for their personal betterment and growth; to contribute to the area's existing base of research and knowledge; and to contribute to the Commonwealth's future economic growth and development."

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  • BCC Board of Trustees

    The Berkshire Community College Board of Trustees is composed of area residents appointed to the board by the governor of Massachusetts. Some major board functions include reviewing and approving the college's programs and policies, various faculty and staff appointments, and tuition and fees not mandated by the state.

  • BCC Student Trustee

    The Berkshire Community College Student Trustee is elected by fellow students at the end of the spring semester and serves as the liaison between the student body and the BCC Board of Trustees. His/her term of office runs from July 1st to June 30th. The Student Trustee must be currently enrolled at BCC and maintain a full-time student status for the entire length of his/her term. He/she must maintain a 2.000 GPA for each semester and a cumulative 2.000 GPA for the entire term of office. Upon election, the Student Trustee automatically becomes an official member of the Student Government Association.

  • BCC Shared Governance

    Shared Governance is a system of consistent, transparent, and collaborative decision-making processes, structures and joint accountabilities through which faculty, staff, administrators, and students participate in developing equitable policies and making decisions that affect the institution, informed by the experience, perspectives and expertise of members of our campus community, particularly those impacted by the decisions.

  • BCC Student Government Association

    The BCC Student Government Association (SGA) is the legislative, representative, and investigative body of the College's student population. The SGA consists of currently enrolled students elected each spring in college-wide elections. Candidates must have a 2.000 or higher grade point average.

  • BCC Foundation

    The Berkshire Community College Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to encourage and receive gifts in support of the mission of the college. Gifts from alumni, students, corporations, friends, and staff are used to further the college's commitment to academic excellence and community service. Under the auspices of the BCC Foundation, the office of Development and Alumni Relations works to engage alumni with the college through the BCC News and regional social events.

    The BCC Foundation provides scholarships, grants and awards to deserving students to assist them in pursuit of their academic goals. It also supports initiatives in "value-added" activities such as conferences and hands-on experiences to expand student and faculty learning, emerging technologies, and campus restoration. In addition, the Foundation owns and operates the building in Great Barrington that provides a permanent site for the college's South County Center.

    The BCC Foundation is governed by a board of volunteers made up of members from various communities throughout Berkshire County and surrounding areas. Click here to make a donation to the BCC Foundation or contact the Office for Institutional Advancement.