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About the Student Government Association (SGA)

The Berkshire Community College (BCC) SGA is the legislative, representative, and investigative body of the College's student population. The SGA is a program designed to recruit, retain and relate to prospective and current students. Members are currently enrolled students elected each spring in college-wide elections. Candidates must have a 2.000 or higher grade-point average.

We would like to familiarize you with the SGA and let you know how you can get involved. Both you and the College benefit from your involvement in these activities; we hope you'll join us. Below are some important reasons to get involved.

  • Receive leadership and community skills training.
  • Build a stronger self-image.
  • Learn how to work effectively as a team.
  • Develop and use critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Establish references for future employment.
  • Acquire necessary job skills.
  • Plus much more!

Some responsibilities include:

  • Working at new student orientations;
  • Community outreach; and
  • Fundraising.

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A-113, Student Engagement Center

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BCC SGA members posing

SGA Members

    Suzanne "Autumn" Bateman

    Suzanne "Autumn" Bateman graduated from Auguste Escoffier Culinary School in May 2021, and is now a Business major at BCC. She just started her third year. She has served in the SGA for all three years as Secretary, Student Trustee, and presently as Public Relations Coordinator. Originally from Boston, she moved to the Berkshires in 2016 to take care of her mother. She earned her Entrepreneurial Certificate in May 2023. After graduating from BCC, she plans on staying in the Berkshires and opening her own restaurant.

    Suzanne Autumn Bateman
    David/Davey Castegnaro

    Originally from Pittsfield, MA, Davey Castegnaro (he/him/his) is a first-year student at BCC. He is majoring in Liberal Arts and is serving on SGA for his first year. He is also a member of TRIO and the BCC Cross Country team. During his free time, Davey loves to hang out with family and friends, loves going to sporting events, loves to workout at BCC gym, Planet Fitness or at home, he loves to go on long runs and he works at Stop and Shop on Dan Fox Drive over the weekends. Davey is also a former Pittsfield High School General, as he graduated from PHS in 2023. He now looks to make an impact here at BCC.

    David Castegnaro
    Stephanie Laconto-Doherty

    Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Stephanie Laconto-Doherty is a student at BCC, where she has earned her associate degree in liberal arts with biological science focus. She is currently the secretary of the SGA, an active member of the STEM Starter Academy (SSA), and enrolled in Addiction Recovery and Mental health Worker Certificate programs while making progress towards becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Stephanie is not only a member of the STEM Starter Academy, but also a mentor to new members of SSA. She is a mother and in her free time she likes to do various arts and crafts projects and play video games.

    Mariangel (Mari) Dus, President

    Originally from Costa Rica, Mariangel (Mari) Dus is a student of the Human Services program at BCC, serving for the second year as the SGA President and an Orientation Leader. Mari also serves as the Co-chair of the MSSO, PTK's VP of Leadership, and a member of various committees and organizations. Mari has a passion for helping others connect with helpful resources, and in her free time, she loves hiking with her golden retriever Bella, baking and doing jigsaw puzzles.

    Mariangel Dus
    William Garrity

    William Garrity is a second-year student at BCC majoring in Computer Networking and Cybersecurity. In his second year William is a member of the BCC SGA as SGA Historian. William is also the founder and president of the BCC Technology Club, president of the Phi Theta Kappa Xi Alpha chapter, and a student member of both the Governance Council and the Educational Affairs Committee. In his spare time William likes to learn more about information technology, play video games, and get involved with local politics in Pittsfield.

    William Garrity
    Hugo Pizarro Gundelfinger

    Hugo Pizarro-Gundelfinger (they/them) is a second-year student at BCC whose first experience in student government is at BCC's SGA. They are majoring in the Fine Arts - Music program and gained a collaborative, teamwork-oriented spirit through music. Both the campus of BCC and Hugo share a hometown, and they are often seen studying, practicing and working on campus.

    Hugo Pizarro Gundelfinger
    Mwila Malama

    Mwila Malama is a first-year member of the SGA at BCC. Upon obtaining his bachelor's degree in accountancy from the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants, Mwila embarked on a journey to pursue his passion in the health sector by enrolling at BCC with the goal of obtaining an associate degree as a Registered Nurse. Mwila is presently in his first semester of pre-nursing courses. He is originally from Zambia. Mwila enjoys community life and because of this, he spends his Sundays with his friends at church.

    Mwila Malama
    Christabel Morkeh

    Christabel Morkeh is a second-year student at BCC, majoring in Nursing (RN). She hopes to become a Nurse Practitioner. She was a Biology major during the first semester of college but switched, she is a member of the SGA, one of the three Orientation Leaders, a STEM Starter student, a peer mentor, and the girl behind "The Buzz." She is from Ghana in the western part of Africa and moved to the U.S. in April 2019 with her mother and sister to join her father in Pittsfield, MA. She loves to sing and dance and is the first child of two girls.

    Christabel Morkeh
    Kelvin Mensah Sarbah

    Kelvin Mensah Sarbah, originally from West Africa Ghana. speaks three languages. A first-year physical therapy assistant student at Berkshire Community College and a member of the SGA and TRIO. Kelvin loves to speak and make friends in the community. His favorite thing to do outside of school is editing and creating content. Although Kelvin is a physical therapy student, he's looking forward to being a professional photographer/videographer in the future.

    Gloria Souza

    Originally from Brazil, Gloria Souza is in her second year at BCC working on her Engineering associate degree, planning to transfer into biomedical engineering, while participating in different organizations like the SGA, serving as the Student Trustee 2023 – 2024, as well as being the vice-president of scholarship on the PTK Honors Society, the MSSO co-chair, and a mentor for the STEM Starter program. Gloria values spending her time with her family and serving the Lord, enjoying improving her lifestyle at the fitness center and practicing music arts during her free time at home.

    Gloria Souza
    Chris Supacela

    Christopher Supacela is a member of SGA. This is his second year attending BCC. At the moment, he is studying to become an architect and transfer to Boston Architectural College. He was born in Great Barrington but grew up in Ecuador when he was little. He knows two languages: Spanish and English. He is also part of many groups at BCC, like TRIO, Success, Steam, SGA and many more. Outside of campus, he enjoys the gym, and he loves to play soccer and has been playing for 11 years.

    Chris Supacela
    E. "Deaux-Deaux" Thibodeaux

    A native of Louisiana's rural bayou, Deaux-Deaux Thibodeaux has lived in nine U.S. states and traveled through many more. They settled in the Berkshires in 2019. They are enrolled in BCC's ADN nursing program and actively involved in multiple BCC organizations, including but not limited to the SGA, STEM Academy, TRIO and MassPIRG. Outside of BCC, Deaux-Deaux is engaged in conservation efforts, caving, and combatting human trafficking. They often spend their free time testing watershed health and assisting in wildlife relocation.

    E. Deaux-Deaux Thibodeaux
    Derly Toloza

    Derly Toloza is a BCC student, in her first year of college in the Liberal Arts Psychology program and is involved in student government. Derly is from Colombia, she moved to the U.S. in 2021 when she was 17 years old. Derly had been interested in the psychology field since she remembered. She enjoys talking with people and helping them.

    Derly Toloza
    Cameron Turner

    Cameron Turner is in his second year at BCC and is in the Engineering program, with hopes to transfer into Civil Engineering. He is also the vice president on the SGA and the vice president of service for Phi Theta Kappa. Cam is also part of the STEM Starter program and MSSO. During his spare time, he can frequently be found at the gym or on the golf course.

    Cameron Turner