Community Education and Workforce Development

Community Education and Workforce Development

Tuition-Free Programs

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Education and Training Fund Opportunities

A new program at Berkshire Community College (BCC), completed in a year or less, provides the skills needed for either immediate entry into a high-demand job or the first important steps towards earning a college degree.

  • Tuition-Free Programs
    • Advanced Manufacturing Technician: A pathway to a high paying industry position
    • Community Health Worker: Develop skills as an advocate and patient navigator
    • Creación y Fabricación: Usar herramientas y computadoras avanzadas
    • Culinary: Advance a creative career in the art of cooking
    • Digital Marketing and E-commerce: Turn a new interest into a rewarding career
    • Early Childhood Education: Progress into a job in one of our local schools
    • IT Support: Start a new role as a tech professional
    • Making and Manufacturing: Advanced tool use for hands-on learners
    • Massage Therapy: Become a Massachusetts certified massage therapist
    • Medical Coding: Gain the skills needed to become a medical coder for healthcare
    • Medical Interpreter Training: Sharpen your bilingual skills to tranlate in medical or human services settings
    • Phlebotomy: Train to draw blood and prepare samples for laboratory analysis
    • Project Management: Develop sought-after skills for a new role or career
    • ServeSafe Manager Training: Learn what it takes to run a restaurant or hospitality service
    • Technical Theater Technician: Transform a love of theatre into a new area of expertise

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BCC offers a wide range of noncredit learning opportunities for people of all ages. Designed for self-improvement, vocational or recreational purposes, these initiatives are offered on-campus, throughout the county, and beyond. The College also participates in the economic development of Berkshire County through various collaborative efforts and an active business and industry development team.

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Community Education and Workforce Development offers both informal learning opportunities for the community and programs that lead people to jobs.

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Creative Making and Manufacturing

This cluster brings in over $900,000,000 of Gross Regional Product and pays some of the highest average wages in the Berkshires.

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Health and Wellness

With some of the highest job concentration in the county, and employing over 11,000 people, healthcare is a significant industrial cluster in the Berkshires.

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Food, Culture and the Local Economy

The Berkshires are world renowned for hospitality and tourism. Travelers from all over support our businesses, institutions and workforce.

Learn about Food, Culture and the Local Economy

Growth and Opportunity

For several years, Berkshire County leadership has felt a sense of cautious optimism that the tide is turning. New buildings, businesses and partnerships are springing up everywhere. With the knowledge that Berkshire County has seen $1 billion in investment over the last three years, the writing is on the wall: the days of doom and gloom are over. The new Berkshire narrative is about growth and opportunity in a diversified regional economy, and there is room for everybody at the table.

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