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The Office of Student Engagement is the center of student activity at Berkshire Community College (BCC). Student Engagement helps plan and administer a wealth of opportunities for social, cultural, recreational and personal enjoyment and enrichment. Student activities are planned with all members of the BCC community in mind.

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A-113 located in the Student Engagement Center

From the BCC Players to Club Sports, you'll find a wide selection of active clubs and organizations that appeal to your interests and goals.

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Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling is available free of charge on campus. Counseling can assist in developing strategies when times are difficult, while remaining focused on your academic goals. It is a place to reflect and work through what’s on your mind.

Student Government

The BCC Student Government Association (SGA) is the legislative, representative, and investigative body of the college's student population designed to recruit, retain and relate to prospective and current students.

  • Receive leadership and community skills training
  • Build a stronger self-image
  • Learn how to work effectively as a team
  • Develop and use critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Establish references for future employment
  • Acquire necessary job skills

Plus much more!

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(413) 236-1665

A-113 located in the Student Engagement Center

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Helpful Links for Students

  • Title IX and Affirmative Action Discrimination Complaints

    If you believe that you have been harassed or discriminated against based on your sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity; race, color, national origin; religion, creed; age; disability; or based on membership in any other class protected by law or by the College’s Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy, you may file a complaint with the College. Likewise, you may file a complaint if you believe you have been retaliated against for reporting harassment or discrimination or for cooperating in an investigation concerning the same.

    Informal Resolutions

    Any of the parties involved in a particular matter may request the intervention of the Title IX Coordinator to assist in resolving that matter informally. Likewise, where appropriate, the Title IX Coordinator may attempt to reach an informal and prompt resolution of an issue. An informal resolution is achieved through open or closed dialogue between the parties that allows for the airing of any misunderstandings or disputed issues. Parties reserve their right to withdraw from the informal resolution process and resume the Complaint process at any time. If the parties come to an informal resolution, its terms are reduced to writing and the matter is thereafter considered resolved. Please note, however, that this informal procedure shall not be used as a sole measure in cases involving sexual harassment or violence, or in cases involving student allegations of sexual harassment or violence of any type by an employee.

    Confidential Reporting Resources

    Persons who have experienced prohibited forms of sexual harassment may share information confidentially with designated employees (“Confidential Employees”) who cannot reveal identifying information to any third party unless one or more of the following conditions is present:

                      • the individual has provided written consent to disclose information;

                      • there is a concern about imminent harm to self or others;

                      • the information concerns the neglect or abuse of someone who is a minor, elderly, or disabled; or

                      • an employee is responsible for providing non-identifiable information for purposes of the Clery Act.

    Confidential Employees at Berkshire Community College are listed below:

    Celia Norcross
    Dean of Students 

    Lisa Mattila
    Personal Counselor


    Formal Resolutions

    Please use this form to report a violation of the College’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy (including claims of sexual violence):

    Title IX Complaint Form

    Please use this form to report a violation of the College’s Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy (other than sexual harassment and sexual violence claims):

    Affirmative Action and Discrimination Complaint Form

    For more guidance on the Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy and complaint procedure, to submit a complaint, or for resources, please contact Melissa Loiodice-Walker, Title IX Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer, at

    Students may also contact Celia Norcross at to speak about options.


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