Transfer Counseling

Take local classes this summer and get ahead. At BCC you get the same great education at a fraction of the cost.

Transferring to a four year has never been more affordable than at BCC. 

BCC offers you the best college experience that transfers to hundreds of four-year schools and to new career options.

Dozens of schools accept eligible BCC students into programs as juniors without missing a beat, and our certificate programs help position students to enter the workforce in dozens of occupations, immediately.

Start at BCC and transfer anywhere. With the Mass Transfer program, you take all of your credits with you. Check out the list of articulation agreements below. These programs guarantee your admission into certain colleges as a junior. You can take your first steps towards your bachelor's degree in less student debt; or, earn your certificate, step into the Berkshires workforce, and earn more money today.


Geoffrey Tabor
Coordinator of Transfer Affairs & Articulation

Located in the One-Stop.

Students should consult with the Transfer Coordinator as early as possible in their education.

Costs and Comparisons
BCC offers more opportunity, and less student debt. Compare the cost of earning credits at BCC vs. some of the popular schools that our alumni go on to attend.


Career and Transfer Events

BCC hosts a Transfer Fair each year during the fall semester. The fair, which attracts many baccalaureate colleges and universities, provides students with an opportunity to talk with representatives from these institutions.

Baccalaureate college and university representatives also visit BCC each semester to speak with interested students.
Information about the visits and transfer opportunities can be found on the college web page and posted on the weekly list of events.